Seth in Chicago

Love a guy who has a vice for Bourbon, dances to bluegrass and knows a good classic scary movie. Meet Seth!

Name: Seth Allen Wyncott

Dish: Chicken and butternut squash chili

Hometown: Joliet, IL

Current Location: Chicago, IL

Daily uniform: Postage denim, a button down, and a thick knit cardigan

Chicago Must-Dos: The Art Institute and the Field Museum downtown are great places to peruse. Pizza at Piece in Wicker Park is a favorite, followed by bourbon at Big Star. If you’re looking to keep the night going, Green Mill jazz club can’t be beat.

I have a few: Too many books. (Wait, that’s impossible.)

In the kitchen, I swear by: Garlic and butter

Top 3 favorite scary movies: (1) Rosemary’s Baby, (2) The Shining, (3) The Exorcist

Favorite place ever traveled: India — the colors, the food, the people.

Any hidden talents? Not telling.

Vice: Bourbon

I dance to: Bluegrass

Dream dinner party scenario, who’s invited and what’s on the menu? In a quiet home around the dinner table: Karl Marx, Bertrand Russell, Jesus Christ, Ludwig Wittgenstein, Luke Helm, Steve Sommer, Anthony Riske and Stephen Cady. Slow roasted chicken with lemon, grilled asparagus, and couscous for all!

For my next birthday I plan to: Spend an evening with friends. There’s nothing more important to me than good community. This makes (almost) any meal worthwhile.

Best Halloween costume: Someday I will dress up as Karl Marx.

I’m dying to go to: Sepia in Chicago, Illinois. Why? The duck breast with Chioggia beets, fennel, and hazelnut-chicory crumble. Yum. I haven’t visited enough Chicago restaurants.

My TOP 5 Meals

1. Slow-Roasted Pork with salsa verde and garlic smashers – The Kitchen Next Door, Boulder, CO

2. Roasted half chicken with southern green beans – Smokin’ Dave’s, Estes Park, CO

3. Fish stew – The Publican, Chicago, IL

4. Shakshuka – anywhere in Tel Aviv, Israel

5. Tagliatelle al Ragu Bolognese – Mamma Luisa, Newport, RI

My motto in life is: Never assume you know it all.