The Top 5: Horrifying Interiors

If interiors could kill....Shock yourself stupid with a few spaces from our fav horror films.
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We were trying to get in the spirit, but we got distracted. Here’s our Top 5 list of beautifully creepy interiors.

1. American Psycho, Mary Harron (1980)
Production Design: Roy Walker
The Look: A serial killer lives here but we are totally into this psychopath’s clean minimalism. Emphasis on clean.

2. Rosemary’s Baby, Roman Polanski (1968)
Set Design: Robert Nelson
The Look: Shot at The Dakota building (where John Lennon lived before he died) and has an impressive marble fireplace. Good natural light too. Done.

3. The Haunting, Robert Wise (1963)
Production Design: Elliot Scott
The Look: Who doesn’t want a crazy winding staircase with an insanely detailed balustrade in their home. Get it.

4. The Shining, Stanley Kubrick (1980)
Production Design: Roy Walker
The Look: Green bathroom, tribal rugs. So good and so bad. In a nutshell, we love the 70’s.

5. The Others, Alejandro Amenabar (2001)
Set Design: Jeanne Develle
The Look: Classic English countryside: Kate Moss could live here. Floral wallpaper, antique wood paneling, blah blah – we eat this stuff up. Minus the ghosts.

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