Henry Hargreaves: Eat Your Heart Out

This former model turned conceptual artist + photographer visualized a photo series recreating notorious inmates' final meals. Want to know what he would request?

Name: Henry Hargreaves

Dish: An update of Dean Martin’s Famous Burger Recipe

Hometown: Christchurch, New Zealand

Current Location: Brooklyn, NY

Day Job: Photographer

Daily Uniform: What’s on top in the drawer

I have a few: Handkerchiefs

Taste I couldn’t live without: Deli coffee in the morning

In the kitchen, I swear by: A Brita water filter

Best place ever traveled & why: New Orleans. It’s so unpredictable in the best possible way.

Greatest Halloween costume: This one.

Dream dinner party scenario: What’s on the menu and who’s invited: Would have to be an an invite to the most famous dinner party ever, the 13th guest to the Last Supper. Hear the host made quite an impression with a limited menu…

You’re work revolves a lot around photographing food and using it as a medium. Tell us a little more about that and your interest in using it: I just enjoy presenting food in a way that people don’t expect to see it, to challenge their typical assumptions about it. Plus when you’re hard up, a trip to the supermarket is way cheaper than the art supply store.

You created a photo series recreating notorious inmates’ final meals titled “No Seconds“; what would you request as a final meal? An everlasting gobstopper!

And what about an artist that has influenced you? I think John Baldessari said it best: “No more boring art.”

Lately I’m drinking: Egg white whiskey sour

Currently listening to: Van Morrison’s Veedon Fleece

Comfort food is: Anything served with a back scratch

My imagination is stirred by: New music playing in the background

My TOP 5 Meals:
1. Porchetta at St Mazie in Brooklyn
2. Baba au Rhum at Chez Julien, Paris
3. Vegetarian Curry at Jack’s Wife Freda, NYC
4. Baked Oysters at ACME, New Orleans
5. Slice of Chocolate Caramel Tart at Marlow and Sons, Brooklyn

My motto in life: Win or lose, hit the booze.