The Black Sapote (Not Halloween) Face Mask

The best-kept secret in skincare is Chocolate Pudding. Whaaaaaat? Taylor Explains It All.
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Ok flower babe, what do you know about beauty remedies? I’d love to go totally natural with skincare. Can you help me out?

Hey! Ok, so, Australia has become home to some incredible tropical fruits (some native, some not): Soursop, Passion Fruit, Star Apple, Rollinia, and Brazilian Cherry to name a few… The Black Sapote, a type of persimmon originally native to Mexico and South America, has become a very familiar fruit in the backyards and orchards of many Australians, especially in Queensland (Kuranda, Queensland to be exact) – which, lucky for me, is where I’ve been visiting for the past few weeks!

And guess what? It’s a miracle for your skin.

Super high in Vitamin C, potassium, and antioxidants, it also maintains collagen and connective tissue in the body. It turns out people in Queensland have been turning to the Sapote for ages for its skin-nurturing and healing properties

Also known as Chocolate Pudding Fruit, the Black Sapote has a thick, inedible bright green skin that turns dark olive color when ripe. The flesh of the fruit looks like, you guessed it, chocolate pudding. While the fruit doesn’t exactly taste like chocolate, it is sweet and mild and really, really good for you whether you put it in a smoothie or rub it all over your face.

I rubbed it on my face.

Here’s the How-To:

1. Once the fruit is ripened, break it open, scoop out the gooey black flesh and smooth over your skin. It doesn’t feel sticky or have a strong odor like you might guess by looking at it. The flesh will be soft and cool against your skin.

2. Once you’ve slathered it on, just lie back and hang out. You’ll begin to feel your skin tighten slightly.

3. After 10 minutes to an hour (it’s 100% natural, so leave it on for however long you like) go ahead and rinse it off.

Takeaway Tips

1. The acids in the fruit help exfoliate while the oils moisturize, and the collagen in the fruit give that tightening feeling. Your skin will feel amazing after. Seriously.

2. It’s not just for your face – cover your hair in the black mess (it’s the best conditioner ever!) Have a pimple? Put some Black Sapote on it. Or create a Black Sapote bath for an all over skin treatment.

3. Want to try out some Black Sapote? Easily order from various growers in Florida!

I collected my Sapotes on Rosebud Farm a palm seed and seedling nursery (established in 1971 and owned by my father, Chris, and his best friend’s two sons, Digby and Nathan) outside Kuranda, Queensland.

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