Daphne Javitch’s New York City

Designer of Ten Undies, Daphne Javitch, stays creative for her day job with an apartment that relaxes & relieves with a beach house feel

Name: Daphne Javitch

Hometown: New York City

Current Location: Today Shanghai, but usually New York!

Day Job: Creative Director of TEN Undies & Design Consultant for Theory and Uniqlo

Lately, I’m wearing: Short broken-in jeans. Carolyn Bessette-style.

We have serious life envy! How do you keep yours in order?
Oh my gosh- does my life seem in order?! To me, it feels like a puzzle that I’m constantly trying to put together. I really love what I do and the people around me, so I think excitement and gratitude motivates enough order to keep it all going.

Any organizing secrets to share?
Don’t let the mess get out of hand. I pick up after myself as soon as possible.

What do you always have handy?
An apple and lip balm.

Any favorite cleaning products?
My favorite laundry detergent is Mrs. Meyers Clean Day in Baby Blossom scent.

What about your life-changing gadget?
I’m embarrassingly out-of-touch when it comes to gadgets. I have an iPad somewhere, but I never use it. I still keep a diary!

Any apps used to keep on schedule?
I still use a blackberry! My friend calls me the “blackberry sheep” of our friend group.

Top Favorite Beauty Products used:
Complex 15 Body Lotion. I use it every day. And Lash Blast Cover Girl mascara is the best. I’m telling you, it’s better than the expensive ones!

What about your best beauty tip?
Dance and laugh.

We are obsessed with the stacks upon stacks around your home. Are they on purpose?
Most of those piles are magazines – I keep all my issues of The World of Interiors, Acne Paper and KidsWear. And I leave new and go-to books around the house which turn into more stacks. I think the rest is unopened mail, work papers, and stationery! I haven’t gotten around to building bookshelves, but I couldn’t live without my books, so I unpacked them and lined them up in stacks against the brick wall… Now I like them there.

What about your kitchen design – are those custom cabinets? Love the idea of having deep drawers!
When I moved in, the kitchen was all black, with heavy lacquered cabinets and dark granite countertops. I wanted more of a beach house feeling, so I replaced the cabinet system with salvaged wood shelves (made by Moon River Chattel). The drawer system was already there – I just had them resurfaced, replaced the granite with butcher block and painted everything white.

Sheet story! Where do you get your bedding?
My bedsheets are from ABC, the embroidered pillow cases are John Robshaw and the duvet cover is Frette, but Restoration Hardware makes a similar one… I actually have both!

Your home is chicly curated. How do you keep it pared down?
Everyone thinks I’m a minimalist, but I just haven’t finished decorating! I have to be patient because I’m picky. I don’t want to live with something I don’t love I’m working on making the living room cozier – I’m dreaming of installing a gas fireplace and a projection screen. I’ve always wanted this apartment to have a beach house feeling: clean, airy, and filled with light. That’s a relief to come home to.

Do you schedule regular editing sessions?
I am always cleaning out… especially my closet. One year winter came and I had nothing to wear because I gave it all away!

And where does the ugly stuff hide?
This apartment is very well designed for storage considering it’s a loft. There are lots of closets and hiding places. I have a closet in the hallway that has some ugly stuff in it. And I have an ugly drawer unit in my work area that makes me feel like a college student.

Brand awareness. Where does the inspiration come from? How do you keep your creative juices flowing?
As a consultant, inspiration comes from the heritage, the DNA of the brand I’m working with, the ideal customer, and exposure to my surroundings (art, music, fashion, books, nature, food, and events). For TEN, I’m inspired by all those things plus my style and spirit icons: straightforward, spirited women. And I’m always inspired by narrative. That can be anything from a film to a friend’s love life. I think curiosity keeps my creativity flowing. If I’m present and engaged, I’m usually inspired.



1. Paint it white.
2. Use natural/salvaged wood for accents and shelving and anything that’s striped (towels, sheets, bath mats, blankets, cushions) for nautical vibes.
3. Accent a wall with tropical wallpaper. Like the Beverly Hills Hotel Banana Leaf Wallpaper Daphne has in her closet? Find it here.