Put A Wreath On It

It’s fall! Time to drink mulled wine and hone in on those wreath making skills.
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Hey Taylor! I’m still dreaming of Summer but what’s something easy and festive that I can throw together to help me transition into the Holiday season? 

OK! Well….

The leaves have already changed their colors and the cold winds of winter are definitely beginning to creep in. While the air gets colder, the colors however are warm and rich. I love fall best with its reds, oranges, ochres, and rust colors. The late summer flowers may have died back or been bitten by an early frost, but fall sees a new selection of plants at their prime. Rosehips and bittersweet are two amazing elements to work with that peak in late fall.

And what’s best to do with them? Make a wreath of course.

I made this wreath with out any premade base. However, feel free to buy a wire or grapevine base at any craft or floral supply shop.

For this wreath you’ll need:
-Raffia wire or any type of floral wire
Rose hips
-Any fall foliage

The How-To

1. Begin by cutting the rosehip stems down a bit and laying out the shape and size of the wreath that you want.

2. With the raffia wire, begin to wrap the stems together. Be sure to pay attention to maintaining the shape you originally laid out. The stems should be pretty flexible and able to bend slightly toward the shape you want.

3. Once you have the base set up, take the bittersweet vine and wire it into the shape of the wreath.
Eventually you’ll be able to wrap and tuck the vine into itself and the other branches.

4. Continue to apply this same method to whatever other foliage or elements you choose until you have the thickness and shape you like.

5. Take your ribbon and tie it to the wreath so that the knot is at the back.

Hang it.

-Taylor, Fox Fodder Farm


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