The Top 5: Party Time Wines


We’ve got five sure things for you to offer at the holiday parties between now and 2013. Stay thirsty, friends.

1. The Pair-With-Anything: Pinot Noir

From Oregon, the latest great birthplace for Pinot Noirs, direct to your Bon Appetit loving, turkey carving, homemade cran sauce making host! Light enough for poultry, heady enough for cheese and charcuterie.

Bring: Evesham Wood Pinot Noir 2010, $25


2. The Underdog: Grüner Veltliner

A best buy. Bright and fruity, but surprisingly peppery. Bring it along to a cozy dinner party hosted by close friends. It’s an unexpected crowd-pleaser from Austria. Prost!

Bring: Schloss Gobelsburg Grüner Veltliner Kamptal 2009, $14


3. The Collector: Bordeaux

Perfect for the special wine-collector someone in your life. Saint-Emilion makes great Bordeaux. Know it. Drink it. The 2005 was perfection, but a more recent vintage works too – just tell your host(ess) to keep it in the wine rack a year or two.

Bring: Château St-Georges Côte Pavie 2005, $50


4. The Wild Card: Torrontés

Rose, jasmine, orange, cantaloupe?! It’s sweet but dry with lots of depth, a perfectly balanced Argentinian wine. Bring the most recent vintage and celebrate 2012.

Bring: Michel Torino Cuma Cafayate Valley Torrontés 2009, $12


5. Everybody loves the bubbly.

Happy New Year! 2013 is wildly approaching. Buy a couple bottles of this bubbly now so you are more than well prepared to ring in the New Year. Also, showing up to any occasion with this stuff will guarantee you a spot on the ‘nice’ list.

Bring: Chandon Brut Classic, $22


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