How-To Holiday Centerpiece

Warm tones, young fruit and remember keep it low, keep it low, keep it low

Hi Taylor! okay, so – big meal coming up tomorrow. Can you help with an easy! centerpiece idea that’s pretty but not stuffy? Did I mention it has to be easy? x

OK, this one is super simple and can be customized to your liking! And remember nothing ever has to be ‘perfect’! Here we go-

1. Choose warm tones and colors that compliment not only the season but each other. The oranges, peaches, and browns in this arrangement to me say fall.

2. With fall comes a lot of young fruit, rose hips, and colored foliage. Have these elements be the focus of the arrangement rather than having lots of flowers. Choose 2 or 3 types of blooms to fill in, but let the foliage carry the piece.

3. When making an arrangement that will be the center for a dinner table, be sure to keep it low, no higher than the distance between your wrist and your elbow. This way your guests can enjoy not only the flowers, but the other faces at the dinner table.

4. Keep the composition loose and organic by allowing certain stems and branches to extend out further. If all the elements are packed together in a round mass the arrangement will seem heavy. By keeping the arrangement loose, you can play with different depths and shapes so that the arrangement changes as you move around it.

5. Break out grandmom’s silver and light some candlesticks. Get fancy. Get a little romantic. This is meant to be a celebration, is it not?

Happy Thanksgiving!


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