Craftsman & Wolves’s The Rebel Within

Drink, dance, repeat, Wake Up and head to S.F.'s Craftsman & Wolves for The Rebel Within

Next up in our Illustrated Plate series the talented designer/illustrator/architect, Kelly Waters, takes on the all-in-one breakfast cake, The Rebel Within, from contemporary pâtisserie, Craftsman & Wolves, located in San Francisco’s Mission District.

How to enjoy The Rebel Within from creator and pastry chef, William Werner:

“My favorite way to enjoy the rebel is warmed in the oven, sliced in half, topped with avocado and tabasco- it’s also a pretty legit hangover remedy. The perfect pairing for me is with a cup of black coffee,  as The Rebel Within is the all-in-one breakfast cake. The coffee added completes this breakfast of champions.”

Official ingredients:
1. Boccalone Easton’s Breakfast Sausage
2. Soft-cooked Tomatero Farm egg
3. Scallions
4. A mixture of parmesan and asiago cheeses.

*Another fun fact: The Rebel Within is named after the song ‘Rebel Within‘ by Hank Williams III.

(2nd image and The Rebel Within Blueprint from Craftsman & Wolves)