Bar Tartine’s Kale, Trumpet Mushrooms & Smoked Goat Cheese

Say it like shmor-brud

Our fav designer/illustrator/architect Kelly Waters headed to Bar Tartine in San Francisco for the latest in our Illustrated Plate series, and this one’s a mouthful.

Known for its Scandinavian slant, Tartine features the Danish take on a sandwich, smørrebrød (say it like shmor-brud. All together now!).

They’re open-face and piled high on rye, and Tartine chef Nick Balla tells us they go down easy with a beer or dry wine (try the Blaufrankish from J. Heinrich).

A lot of love and care go into these sandwiches – below, Balla breaks it down for us.

Skaal and god appetit!!


Kale, Trumpet Mushrooms and Smoked Goat Cheese with Kale Spice

“We cook the kale with grapeseed oil, onion, garlic, salt and pepper until just tender.

The mushrooms are rubbed with oil and a bit of salt and grilled – ideally over charcoal.

We make the smoked onion goat cheese by folding in smoked onion powder made by smoking sweet yellow onions over alderwood and drying.

The kale spice is similar to shichimi togarashi but instead uses sunflower seeds, hatch chili flakes, orange peel, dried kale and wild sea laver from Mendocino.”

Lox with Beet Jam and Potato – Dill Sauce

“Wild king salmon from SF bay area is moderately cured – not as much as gravlax – with salt, brown sugar and dill.

The potato dill sauce is made with roasted potatoes, mayonnaise, sour cream and plenty of chopped dill.

In the beet jam spread underneath, onions are julienned and cooked until all of the water is gone. At this point we add cider vinegar, brown sugar, grated garlic, mashed beets and serrano chili and cook until the mixture is spreadable.”

Corned Beef Tongue with Horseradish Sauce and Sauerkraut

“We brine beef tongue with a ton of celery and pickling spices. The tongue is slow cooked and sliced thin for the sandwich.

The horseradish sauce is made with sour cream, mashed sunchoke, lemon, scallion and lots of fresh grated horseradish.

Sauerkraut is made with a large white Kaitlyn cabbage. The kraut is mixed with cooked onion, garlic, parsley and chervil as the sandwich is made.”

Bar Tartine, 561 Valencia St. (at 16th St.), 415-487-1600 or bartartine.com