New Year, New You: Get Organized!

Get Fresh in 2013 with tips n tricks from Sous Style's Most Organized

We all need a little help with our New Year’s resolutions, so who else would we ask but our own resident experts?! Get their greatest tips & get clean, girl!


APRIL‘S TIP: Get Inspired.

“I just try to stay on top of the cleaning all the time. I find that nice organic products make me feel more inspired to clean! I’m really into fresh and real smelling fragrant products and I think Seventh Generation products do it well without being too overpowering. I also love Dr. Bronner Castille Lavender Liquid Soap—I use it to hand-wash my makeup brushes each time and it is just a great general product to have in the house.”

BERNADETTE‘S TIP: Rotate Your Rooms.

“I don’t binge clean but I keep on top of small habits like making the bed every morning and wiping the bathroom sink down at the end of the day. I designate one day of the week for each room in the apartment, that way the whole apartment is cleaned on a rotating basis.”

AMY‘S TIP: Think OCD-Chic.

“Get more out of your closet space by keeping your things in categories – scarves, sunglasses, beauty products, etc… It just makes sense. I would be absolutely lost without baskets and containers. There’s no better way to keep everything organized, and when you’re looking for a specific product it’s much easier to find. And as painful as it is, every once in a while you just need a good purge!”

SHINI‘S TIP: Keep It Handy.

“Written schedulers – I have three. One for work, one for the blog and one that keeps track of all my spendings. I’ve tried countless smartphone apps and Google calendar but at the end of the day I find it most important that there is no risk of my scheduler’s battery dying.”

DARLENE‘S TIP: Better Now Than Later.

“As soon as I read an email, I file or delete it. I open and sort through my mail as soon as I bring it in the house, I never go to bed with dirty dishes in the sink, I get rid of magazines as soon as I’ve read through them, and I always put things away when I’m not using them.”

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