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The invention of the pop culture burger
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This ain’t your average Big Mac. Two French graphic designers have dedicated their Friday lunch break to re-imagining the classic on their site, Fat & Furious Burger. Here are our top 5 favorites they’ve created, translations included.


1. Hawaiian Burger. Faux filet de porc caramélisé au jus d’ananas et aux épices. Ananas frais. Quartiers d’ananas rôtis. Cheddar fondu. Achards de Légumes.  Sauce américaine relevé au gingembre et tabasco.

(Pork sirloin caramelized in pineapple juice and spices. Fresh Pineapples. Roasted pineapple wedges. Melted cheddar. Pickled vegetables. American sauce with notes of ginger and Tabasco.)

2. Neil Armstrong Burger (1930-2012) Sésame galactique. Poire en croissant. Endive filante. Cream cheese lactée. Poussière de noix de coco. Champignon lunaire.
Hommage au premier homme à avoir mis le pied dans le plat.

(Galactic sesame seeds. Crescent-shaped pear. Shooting endives. Milky Cream Cheese. Coconut dust. Moon mushrooms. Tribute to the first man to put his foot in his mouth.)

3. Go green burger. Cream cheese au wasabi et colorant vert. Concombre. Menthe fraîche. Poulet mariné au citron vert et colorant vert. Sésame. Mangez un burger, vous sauverez un arbre.

(Wasabi cream cheese (dyed green). Cucumber. Fresh mint. Chicken marinated in lime and green dye. Sesame seeds. Save a tree, eat a burger.)

4. The Burgiving. Dinde rôtie. Patate douce à la canelle et noix de muscade. Groseilles et airelles. Cheddar fondu. Salade. #premierscolons #colonbouché

(Roasted turkey. Sweet potato with cinnamon and nutmeg. Currants and cranberries. Melted cheddar. Lettuce. #firstsettlers #cloggedcolon)

5. Beuh-rger. Buns de cannabis. Steak so high. Feuilles de salade roulées. Bacon fumé. Œuf pochon. MunCheese de Savoie. Ciboulette de shit. #lega legalizacion burger

(Cannabis buns. Steak so high. Rolled lettuce leaves. Smoked bacon. Egg boiled in a plastic baggie. MunCheese from Savoie. Hash chives. #legalizationburger)

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