Fat Cheeks

The founder of this pop-up dining experience is hijacking spaces around London bringing together fab food + great music. Nobody leaves FAT CHEEKS without FAT CHEEKS.

Name: Juni Ross

Dish made: Ox Tongue & Cheek Stew (made with one of FAT CHEEKS’ chefs, Danny)

Hometown: Berkshire

Current Location: North London

Day Job: FAT CHEEKS founder, designer and photographer

Daily Uniform: Comfort and ease. Leggings and transferable clothing for day into night so I don’t have to go home to change!

I have a few: Herbal teas collected from all over the world

In the kitchen, I swear by: Lemons & eggs, but not together!

Tell us more about FAT CHEEKS! FAT CHEEKS is a regular pop-up dining restaurant that brings together fab food, great music and an element of surprise. Hijacking spaces in and around London to create unique dining experiences, this potent combination will get your digestive juices so excited they’ll be bursting out of your fat arse.

And how did you come up with the name? One night sitting with my two best friends and a bottle of red wine, we were coming up with names for my new pop up supper club. I’m half Thai and get the Asian bloom with pink flushed cheeks being intolerant to most booze. My friend suggested to call it PINK CHEEKS. It would mean a fun night out of merry times, lots of booze and good food. That embodies the brand and I loved it.

Going to purchase the domain was a different story. If you go to www.pinkcheeks.com you will see what I’m talking about. Body waxing and anal bleaching, no thanks. The next day FAT CHEEKS was born.

Where would you like to take the business next? We are taking it from the supper club to the streets for the winter. We have developed a winter stew which we will be serving up at STREET FEAST, a night food market with music, art and entertainment, and in the pipeline looking to develop gluten-free food products.

My Top 5 Meals:
1. You can’t beat a Sunday roast of confit of pork with all the trimmings and roasted potatoes done the right way!

2. Eating street food in Bangkok somewhere along Soi 11. A soupy, noodle, chicken (I think?!) dish of the tastiest sweet, spicy and sour flavours, perfect for that 2am munchie attack

3. Black Cod, Crab and Crayfish Dumplings at Roka Restaurant in London

4. A Lamb Asado in Mar de Plata, Argentina

5. A little family-run corner shop in La Condesa, Mexico City for the best street tacos I’ve ever had

My motto in life is: “What’s for you won’t go by you.”