Ryan in NYC

Breakfast is served in bed with jewelry designer, Ryan Kearney

Name: GERARD TULLY but Ryan Kearney (kind of a Romain Gary/Emile Ajar situation)

Dish made: BREAKFAST IN BED – I am the worst cook but I love to make believe I can, so breakfast is easy (always have a box of Laduree fresh Macarons – it seals the deal)

Hometown/Current Location: NYC

Day Job: Jewelry designer, Gerard Tully; Artist

Daily Uniform: Comme des Garcons, Burberry, Converse

I have a few: Issues

In the kitchen, I swear by: A chef

The taste I can’t live without: Pepper and cumin

If your kitchen could talk, what would it say? “Why am I am always ignored?”

Favorite piece of jewelry ever made/designed: A gold snake with black diamond eyes.

Best place ever traveled? Venice because of its decadent beauty

I’m amazing at making: …people wait

If you could cook for anyone, who would it be? Amy Cappellazzo from Christie’s. I’d make eggplant and ricotta pasta with aragula picante and an amazing red wine. To have the pleasure to pick her brain about art and Andy Warhol.

Currently listening to: Christopher Owens, “New York City

My Top 5 Meals

1. Squid Ink Pasta at Harry’s Bar, Venice

2. Burnt Ends Sandwich at Arthur Bryant’s, in Kansas City

3. Butter Poached Lobster at Per Se

4. Devils on Horseback and the Sirloin from Freeman’s, NYC

5. Cafe de Flore Croque Madame, Paris

My motto in life is: Progress, not perfection, is what matters. With an ounce of passion.