Boys Will Be Boys

Need a hangover/monday morning cure? These brothers have you covered.

Name: Kristian + Konrad Steffensen

Brisbane, Australia

Current Location:
K1: Lower East Side, NYC
K2: Kreuzberg, Berlin

Day Job:
K1: Investing in Latin America/Green Energy
K2: Architecture Student at TU Berlin Architektur

Daily Uniform:
K1: Boardshorts, I wish.
K2: Casual

I have a few:
K1: Missing scarves…. Konrad?
K2: Decisions to make

In the kitchen, I swear by:
K1: Fun
K2: Extra salty, salt

If I could cook for anyone:
K1: You know who you are…. Lamb roast and veggies
K2: Meatballs for Jeff Bridges

I’m dying to go:
K1: Back to Pacific Coast, Mexico
K2: To Iceland

Last night we:
Bar hopped and went to The Box

Signature Drink:
K1: Patron and Soda
K2: G and Tonkey for extra wonkey

After a big night out:
K1: Debrief
K2: Head to Burger Miester

Hangover remedy I swear by:
K1: Running a lap around Central Park
K2: G and Tonkey

Top 5 Meals:
Kristian (Late night meals in NYC):
1.  Spicy Pork Meatballs; The Meatball Shop, Lower East Side, NYC

2.  Cheeseburger; Corner Bistro, West Village, NYC

3.  Fried pierogi and grilled kielbasa; Veselka, East Village, NYC

4.  Carne Asada Taco; Snack Dragon, East Village, NYC

5.  Devils on Horseback; Spotted Pig, West Village, NYC

Konrad (Berlin):
1. Bison Cheek; Facil

2. Ratatouille; Chipps

3. Daily Special; Hamy Cafe

4. Bibimbap; Yam Yam

5. Re-heated Spaghetti Bolonese; Bazza’s Steak House

My Motto:
K1: Make it happen
K2: Free heel, free soul

How-To Make The Best Hangover/Monday Blues Bagel Sandwich

-Get a toasty fresh out of the oven crispy bagel.

-Pick out your favorite veggies and stir fry them up i.e. mushrooms, peppers, onions are all good options

-Fry up some meat i.e. bacon, turkey bacon, veggie bacon

-Egg it on with your choice of egg style i.e. fried, scrambled, egg whites, poached, etc…

-Start assembling: put down a slice or two of your favorite cheese, smear the top and bottom bagel with avocado (good fat!), place the egg style of your choice next, followed by the meat you have chosen, next comes your stir-fryed veggies, top it all off with some greens like spinach!

-Hangover/Monday blues be gone.