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How We Met: Matt & Marthe Vasquez

3 times married but never divorced
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Couple: Matt & Marthe Vasquez

Matt: Dana Point, California & Austin, Texas
Marthe: Flekkerøy, Norway

Day Job:
Matt: Lead Singer, Delta Spirit
Marthe: Hair Stylist

Dish Made: Pancakes

Daily Uniform:
Matt: Black on Black
Marthe: Black on Black, “something comfy”

I have a few:
Matt: Elvis figurines
Marthe: Miniature pigs

In the kitchen, we swear by: Coffee

How we met: We met in Fresno at a show, but it took years of friendship before it became romantic.

We’ve been together: Since Halloween 2010. We were in Mexico on a week-long date.

Our first date: It was in Bristol England in a tiny Italian restaurant. Or at least that was the literal first date, but we think of Mexico when it comes to our first date. That was when the long distance thing became unimportant compared to how we felt about each other.

And the special appearance made by Elvis in Vegas? We got married in a courthouse a month after we got engaged. We decided to throw a party in Vegas, and my mom surprised us with an Elvis impersonator. It was quite a night! This past summer we renewed our vows in Flekkerøy so Marthe’s side of the family could celebrate our union. We’ve been married three times so far without getting a divorce 😉

How will you be celebrating Valentine’s Day? We’ve been working on becoming better cooks, so perhaps we’ll make a nice romantic dinner at home. With our cat, of course.

Any secrets about your significant other you can share?
The second Marthe sees something cute, she loses her hearing.
Matt has a secret life on

What’s the best gift you’ve ever been given by one another? Our love for one another is easily the best thing that has happened to us. Having a companion to kiss; having a safe place to confide; having a future to hope for together.

Ideal date night is: At home with the cat on the couch!!!!

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