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How to say "Hey babe, I'm into you..." - red roses excluded
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Back in the Victorian era, floral arrangements were exchanged and used to send coded messages between lovers. Flowers and their meanings were a vehicle of (surprise!) romantic expression, a way to share the thoughts that one dare not say for fear of being beheaded. Because back then, this was how you said, “Hey, I think you’re cute… Like really cute.

We all know that red roses mean “I love you,” but what happened to that old tradition of intention and thoughtfulness? We give people flowers for so many reasons and with so many different intentions these days that they’ve become the go-to way to say anything from “I’m obsessed with you” to “Hey, thanks for inviting me over for dinner, again… Even though I hate your cooking..!”

So – No more “I love you” red roses! Maybe try and say something else this time…

1. ANEMONE: Anticipation

Thought to bring luck and protect against bad guys, anemones are associated with anticipation and excitement. Waiting to find out if the bad boy your going out with is actually a good boy? If he shows up with a bouquet of anemones, he just might be. Exciting, no?

2. GARDENIA: Secret Love

Secretly in love with your friend Ben? Even though he’ll likely remain clueless until you say it with words, tell him in secret by giving him a little potted gardenia. While it’s often the guy showing up with flowers for the girl, it’s believed to be good luck to give a gardenia to a man…

3. ORANGE BLOSSOM: Fertility

Not your typical cut flower, this flowering shrub is best served potted and watered every other day. Potted plants are great gifts, because if you just show them a little love they can last forever. And orange blossoms are said to be symbols of fertility. So if it looks like your special someone’s gonna be sticking around, invest in a beautiful sweet-smelling orange tree and get baby-making.

4. DAFFODILS: New Beginnings and Bright Future

Symbolizing rebirth and new beginnings, the daffodil is synonymous with spring. It is not only a sign of winter’s end, but of a bright and happy future. Spring is always about starting over anew. A bunch of daffodils says “Let’s start over” or even more simply, “Let’s just start.. because I think you’re cute. And I think I could love you.” A gift of daffodils is said to ensure happiness… but only in a bunch! If you receive a single daffodil, hit the hills. While many bring happiness, one brings misfortune.

5. JASMINE: Sensuality

This heavily-scented flowering vine is wild yet delicate, unruly yet feminine. It can be a tough one to tame, but stick it in some water and it makes a beautiful arrangement all on its own. It’s so sensual, it’s straight up sexy.

xx Taylor Patterson

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