How We Met: Justin & Katherine

Uh-oh! Here comes a couple crush.... but don't worry because it's totally not annoying - actually it's quite the opposite! LOVE rules!
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Names: Katherine Power & Justin Coit

Current Location: Los Angeles

Day Job:
Co-Founder of
Photographer and Director

How we met: We met through Katherine’s business partner Hillary Kerr. Hillary and I (Justin) met at USC and remained friends after graduation. Hillary invited me over one day to hang out while Katherine was there.

Our first breakfast: Was at Barney’s Greengrass in Beverly Hills

We’ve been together for: 6 years

Can you tell us about your first date? On our first official date I took Katherine to Campanile on La Brea. I’m not sure why I chose that restaurant because I had never been there before. I guess I was just trying to pick a place that would impress her. Back then I thought that was a really fancy place :)

Most indulgent dinner out together: Mr. Chow‘s, our special occasion place.

Valentine’s Day means: That we have a good excuse to put our iPhones down, stop working, and have a nice dinner together, just the two of us.

We work as a couple because: We like to be creative, love our grey cat Nelson and are perfectly happy staying home rather than going out.

Guilty pleasure TV shows we watch: All of the Housewives and Shahs of Sunset

Justin on Katherine:
She likes her eggs: Here is her exact order she gets at Hugo’s every Saturday at 11am: Egg whites with jalepenos and a veggie patty scrambled in with a side of steamed broccoli.
She will never eat: A steak that is cooked less than medium well and it kills me every time :)
She makes the best: Gluten-free pasta dinners.
Her signature cocktail: Pinot Grigio with ice.
I loved it when she took me to: Pace on our 3rd date.
When she’s trying to impress me, she: Bosses me around. But she’s usually right about everything, so it’s for the best.


Katherine on Justin:
He likes his coffee: He doesn’t actually love coffee but he loves to make lattes on our Breville espresso maker, because he loves machines.
He makes the best: Lattes! I also make him peel my oranges.
He absolutely hates: The show Teen Mom. I have no idea why he has such an aversion to it, but he does.
His all-time favorite meal is: A very pink steak
When he wants to sweep me off my feet he: Makes a plan completely on his own!

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