Henry & Rel

The men behind Catfish open up - and ladies, this breakfast was 100% real

Names: Henry Joost and Ariel “Rel” Schulman

Henry: Brooklyn and Paris
Rel: Manhattan

Day Job: Film Directors

Dish Made: Toastite breakfast saucers with bacon, egg, cheese, cilantro, and secret sauce

Daily Uniform:
Henry: Black Jeans, Steven Alan shirt, RRL sweater, New Balances and titanium glasses
Rel: Dickies, Steven Alan shirt, RRL vest, New Balances and a smile

We have a few: Skeletons in the closet.

In the kitchen, we swear by: Peanut butter and jelly

Currently listening to: Holy Ghost!, Townes Van Zandt and Scary Mansion

If you could cook for anyone…  We’d make Nutella and banana toastite sandwiches for Ghandi to break his hunger strike.

Best gift ever received from one another?
Henry: For Rel’s 30th I gave him a vintage Powell Peralta skateboard with an airbrushed portrait of Rel standing beneath the Paramount logo brandishing two pistols.  It was done by the guy who paints the cars in Fast and Furious
Rel: Last year I commissioned our friend Elsa Hansen to make a needlepoint portrait of Henry hanging out with Townes Van Zandt and Kate Moss.

Any hidden talents?
Henry: If there’s one thing I’m unambiguously good at, it’s using a slingshot.
Rel: I do a great George W. Bush impersonation and a mean Michael Jackson dance impression.

When I want to sweep a girl off her feet I:
Rel: secretly find her childhood memories on eBay and surprise her with them.

When a girl wants to impress me she: 
Rel: Comes over without calling.

Last place traveled:  New Orleans

I’m dying to go to: Space. Rel is planning to have his 50th birthday on the moon.

Most incredible dinner out: We had some bologna sandwiches our friend Gary Burden made last summer on a road trip that were out of this world.

Can you tell us what you’re currently working on?

We’re currently adapting Edward Abbey’s cult classic The Monkey Wrench Gang.

TOP 5 Favorite Directors and Their Films

By the way, this is impossible. Here are some we like right now.

1.  Martin Brest – Beverly Hills Cop
2.  Danny Boyle – Trainspotting
3.  Wim Wenders – Paris, Texas
4.  Sam Raimi – Evil Dead 2
5.  Martin Scorsese – After Hours


Our motto in life is:  More crazy.