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Coffee Culture is changing in Paris, Here are the 7 places you need to go to fuel up and get caffeinated
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No longer just plain espresso at bistros, you can now find cold press, fresh roasts, and even a chai latte in Paris if you know where to look. We asked Jenny Capano, one-half of The Sporting Project, and she gave us quite the caffeinated list. Take a break in between the PFW shows and fuel up.

1. Ten Belles //10 rue de la Grange aux Belles 75010
I’m here everyday!  this has become my go to spot to unwind, everytime i pop i see a familiar face, it’s become a little piece of home, familiarity in paris to me.
the filter coffee is my favorite, if you only knew the amount of effort and technique that is poured into this!

2. Café Craft // 24 rue des Vinaigriers, 10eme
The perfect place to stop and get recharged for the ‘home office’ type. These guys are so accomodating to people who want to work out of the cafe, they even have a table with plug-in jacks for your computer. There is always a killer playlist on and like-minded creatives focused on the work in front of them, but still a laid-back air that makes you feel lucky you don’t have to be in an office!

3. Telescope // 5 Rue Villedo, 1eme
Another favorite go-to of mine. I love unwinding at Telescope on a sleepy Sunday morning, sipping a café crème and savoring the banana bread. These guys roast their own beans for themselves and Ten Belles.

4. Black Market Café // 27, rue Ramey, 18eme
This place is in charming Montmartre. You can stroll through on the weekends and feel far away from the center of Paris, almost in a small cobblestone village. Black Market’s record player welcomes you in, a place where I discovered the best chai latte… Trust me, they are impossible to come by here, and these guys do it right.

5. Kooka Bora //62 rue des Martyrs, 9eme
Always a young vibe in here; grab a latte to hang out and catch up with friends. I also love that they have fresh juice available.

6. Cafe Lomi // 3 ter rue Marcadet, 18eme
A great place off the beaten path to meet with friends and hang out over the weekend- they roast their own beans on site!

7. Le bal // 6 Impasse de la Défense, 18eme
Incredible English-style brunch and of course coffee that matches. This place is a dream, you can spend your Sunday checking out a new exhibition in their gallery space and hang around longer to linger with friends over a spot-on brunch and coffee.

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