Wanted: Talented Master Baker Bloke to fulfill Male Monday position

LADIES. Pizza is great but pizza prepared by this guy is pretty damn amazing.

Meet Robert Billington. North Londoner, master baker, who is ‘on a mission to help you impress people’ through ‘good hearty food’. Dreamy.

SO, who would like to see the super handsome Robert Billington as a future Male Monday? Ah, well we sure do…!

After spending the good part of a Sunday googling this gentleman we’ve decided that he’s perfect for us and that we are made for each other. That right. It’s a match made in Male Monday heaven.

SO ladies, we need your help. Sign our “Robert Billington for Male Monday” petition and LIKE this story! Help us find lovely Robert so we can take glorious pictures of someone so talented because we always go after what we want! i.e #MenWhoCook

Pippa x

Rob’s Magnificent Margherita Pizza

Prep time 1 1/2 hours
Cook time 20 mins

14g Dried Yeast
500g Flour
10g Salt
1 tbsp Honey
1 tbsp Olive Oil

1 can chopped tomatoes (reduced until thick)
2 Mozzarella balls
200g good sun dried tomatoes or oven dried tomatoes
1 pack of basil
Olive oil