The Herbal Remedy

Bring some green into your life!

Enough is enough. It’s officially Spring and whether the cold breaks or not, it’s time to bring some green into your life.

Besides following the tips of the insanely talented Taylor, planting an herb or two is a seriously low-cost foray into living things–take it from Tali, above. If your dying love fern is just a basil plant, you’ve at least gotten a few meals out of it.

Fresh herbs are super-important to our impressing-the-guests strategy. They can get expensive when you only end up using half the leaves and letting the rest wilt in the fridge, but Tali inspired us to fix that plus add a little green to our places. For those who seem to kill everything they get near, here’s the how to.

  • Choose your herbs: Start at a grocery store or nursery, maybe Home Depot, and head for the herbs. Think about how you cook – if you’re a pasta-lover, like Tali, choose basil and parsley. For tacos, you can’t go wrong with cilantro, and mint is always good for Greek (tabbouleh!) and mojitos…
  • Where to plant it: Yeah, you could have a big fat pot for several varieties, but Tali’s idea is perfect – keeping the herb in its original planter, stick it in an extra ramekin (or get one for $2 at Target) to keep it neat. For a fancy upgrade, try this triple herb pot.
  • Keep it alive! Oy. The hard part. First, keep your new baby near a sunny window. As for watering? Pour in a half cup whenever it looks sad and droopy. Every day is too much.
  • Reap what you sow: When you use some of your herb in a dish (or drink), cut off the leaves with a scissors so they can regrow. Start from the top of the plant, where leaves have been growing the longest.

The easiest babies to nurture indoors (plenty of light recommended):

The Dead Simple          The Over-Enthusiastic          The Neglect-able


Lemongrass                            Mint                               Rosemary

1. Lemongrass: Literally, stick the stalks you can buy at the market in an inch or two of water. Impossible to mess up.

2. Mint: Grows like a weed. A fresh, tasty, weed. Snip in your tea for a zesty upgrade.

3. Tuscan Blue Rosemary: Lots of sun (South-facing window is key) but if you don’t water it for a spell it’ll survive.

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