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Sakura! It’s Cherry Blossom Time

Celebrate Hanami western-hemisphere style, with cherry blossoms à la Taylor
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Hanami came early this year! The Japanese tradition of enjoying beautiful cherry blossoms (or sakura), usually celebrated by thousands gathered to feast under the flowering trees, came two weeks ahead of schedule in Japan.

Meanwhile cherry blossoms are just beginning to hit the flower markets in New York. Despite the freezing temperatures outside (and two days after a straight up blizzard!), the arrival of the sakura at the market always says SPRING to me—I feel it, warm weather is a-coming people!

There are hundreds of varieties of blooming cherry, but you’ll likely only find a few of them at your local florist. Today I was lucky to get my hands on four different types. Choose one variety or choose a few and make yourself a sakura arrangement at home. Add a delicious home cooked feast, a good bottle of wine, and celebrate your own Hanami!


Double pink cherry: In full bloom its huge ruffled pink blossoms look like pink pompoms.

White Cherry: Light and feathery, these medium white blooms look almost papery.

Winter Cherry: Super delicate pale pink flowers clustered along straight hard branches.

Cornelian Cherry: Small buds containing even smaller tiny yellow flowers speckle the otherwise spare branches. The scent is intense and a little intoxicating.


When working with branches or any woody stem, make sure to cut into the stem. This allows the branch to take in more water.

Branches always have great and wild shapes, so let the branch shape speak for itself by leaving them tall and not cutting them down into little branches. Let it be wild and watch as your blooms open up!

x Taylor, Fox Fodder Farm

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