Handsome Robert Billington Found!

Talented Master Baker Fullfills Male Monday Position with Spicy Meatballs and Homemade Focaccia

Name: Robert Billington

Dish made: Spicy meatballs with homemade focaccia

Hometown: Preston

Current location: London

Day job: Photographer

Daily uniform: White t-shirt, jeans and pumps. (partial to a bit of knitwear)

I have few: Too many cookbooks, records and glass jars

In the kitchen I swear by: Lemons, limes and coriander

Most incredible dinner out: Bistrotheque in Bethnal Green. I took my Mum and Dad when they came to London; it was unexpectedly amazing, and who doesn’t enjoy a bit of time with family. Awesome atmosphere and the food was to die for.

If my kitchen could talk: It would say, “Do you have to use every pan for every meal?”

If a girl wants to impress me, she… Should be herself and make me laugh.

I’m dying to go to: Argentina. Great steak, great wine, great weather – what’s not to like?

Last place traveled: The French Alps to go on my first skiing holiday. I can’t believe I’ve never been before, it was incredible.

If I could cook for anyone: I’d like to cook a barbeque for Bill Murray at his house with loads of meat.

I’m amazing at making: A fraisier, best cake ever!

Currently listening to: Bowie, always Bowie

Best dish ever made: Homemade tagliatelle with king prawns in a chilli, tomato-y, garlic-y, lime-y, coriander-y sauce.

Cooking taught me: That food is the best way to bring people together.

My TOP 5 Meals (in no order…)

1. Pulled pork roll from The Rib Man, Brick Lane

2. Steak from Gaucho Grill, Manchester

3. Mum’s lasagne

4. A 5 course tasting menu we had at Upstairs, Downstairs restaurant in Brixton. AMAZING.

5. See the penultimate question

My motto: It’s nice to be nice..

500g mince beef (not lean)
5 crackers (I use Jacobs)
4 garlic cloves
½ handful parsley
½ handful coriander
4 dried chillis
1 zested lemon
salt and pepper
2 good quality tins of chopped tomatos
300ml Stock
2 dried chillis
plenty of salt and pepper
– Firstly put the sauce on as you want this to reduce before adding the balls – simply add all the ingredients and bring to a slow simmer
– In a bowl bash the crackers until they resemble bread crumbs
– Add the mince beef to the bowl
– Finely chop the rest of the ingredients and add
– Mix together well with your hands and form into small balls
– In a hot pan fry the balls briefly in olive oil until lightly browned and set aside
– When the sauce has reduced by around a third add the balls and simmer for 15-20 minutes
– To serve add more fresh herbs and a dollop of sour cream