Pints, Pizzas, and Pecs

We're With Brad in Brooklyn and the Oven Is Hot

Name: Brad Bateman

Dish Made: Chanterelle mushroom & ricotta pizza

Recipe: Chanterelle mushrooms, mozzarella, rosemary, olive oil, pizza dough, and a smile.

Hometown: Stony Brook, NY

Current Location: Boerum Hill, Brooklyn

Day Job: Residential real estate broker at Stribling & Associates

Daily Uniform: A tailored button-down, jeans, a well-worn belt and Wolverine wingtips.

In the kitchen, I swear by: Simmering garlic and onions in a pan—my trick to make whoever I’m cooking for hungry as soon as they walk in the door.

I have a few: Good bottles of wine hidden in a secret compartment in my kitchen. I love breaking out a great vintage to celebrate when the time is right.

The taste I couldn’t live without: Spice. There are so many nuances in the spice spectrum, it’s addictive. My favorites are green chili from Chimayo, New Mexico; Sriracha or rooster sauce from Vietnam (on everything from burritos to lamb chops); and Szechuan peppers from China that numb your mouth. I love spicy!

Any hidden talents? My friends say I’m handier then I look. As a kid, I loved hanging out in the basement with my dad when he was working on projects. I learned a lot about fixing things just by watching my father.

If my kitchen could talk: It would say, ‘Where are all the regulars?’ My building used to be a speakeasy, and before that it was a carriage house.

Most romantic thing I’ve ever done for a girl: On a long hike in Peru, I collected about three dozen heart-shaped rocks to bring back to the woman I was seeing so she knew I was thinking of her the whole time I was away.

Most romantic thing a girl has ever done for me: Planned a three-night get away in a secluded cabin in a national park in Chile, overlooking a live volcano. It was a simple place but had a record player and a primitive fire-heated sauna, which was all we needed. Our truck broke down up there, which made getting back to civilization quite an adventure!

Ideal date: A picnic at a scenic spot after a hike in the mountains. I’d prepare tasty treats and sneak a small bottle of prosecco in my backpack so we could have a toast in nature. There’s nothing better then being outdoors on a beautiful day with the person you love.

If a girl wants to impress me she: Would be as happy sleeping under the stars as she would staying at a four star hotel… Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with staying at a nice place, but I’m most impressed with a girl who’s is versatile and can go with the flow.

Switzerland is: My happy place. I find myself going back year after year to visit close friends, ski, and enjoy the majestic beauty of this country.

Workout schedule: I’m kind of a gym rat. I find myself at Equinox in Brooklyn Heights most mornings, and at yoga on the Upper West Side most evenings. I’m in love with the Pure Yoga Studio uptown. The teachers are unparalleled and the hot power vinyasa classes offer the perfect balance of strength training and flexibility.

Any tips on sealing the deal? (Real estate and otherwise): Always be honest and genuine. In the end being upfront will work in your favor, both in business and in your personal life.


1. A burger and beer from Skinny Legs Bar & Grill; Coral Bay, St John USVI

2. Lobster stuffed with cheese and garlic, cooked in an open fire on the beach in northeastern Colombia

3. Freshly caught tuna prepared at an oceanside hut in Belize

4. The veal and mushroom dish my mom makes me when I go home to visit

5. Fish tacos with guac at Rockaway Taco.

My motto: Embrace the now. Live in the moment and always appreciate what you have. We only have one life to live, so live it to the fullest.