La Maison du Chou

Move over Ms. Macaroon, you have some sweet and chic competition

It’s Spring time in Paris which means a few things: blossoming gardens, long bike rides, flirtations with handsome strangers and discovering the next sweet something to pleasure our discerning taste buds. God bless Paris eh?

Meet Emma Gilkeson, who just last week opened her own charming little pastry shop called La Maison du Chou. Located in St. Germain, the shop is dedicated entirely to selling freshly made creme puffs in only a few delectable flavors….oh, and espresso. Heaven.

Here our Paris contributor Jenny Capano of The Sporting Project hangs out with the gorgeous Emma and learns how to fill those pastries and discover why the ‘puff’ is what it’s all about.

Get it. See it. Taste it HERE
Maison du Chou: 7 rue de Furstenberg, 75006, Paris France

Name: Emma Gilkeson

Hometown:  Wichita, KS

Current Location: Paris, France

Day Job: Managing La Maison Du Chou

Daily Uniform: Casual with comfortable shoes

In the Kitchen, I swear by: My mother’s Mexican cooking

The taste I couldn’t live without: Cilantro and Avocado

How did La Maison du Chou come about?

Manuel Martinez has been making these choux à la crème in his restaurant for quite some time, and my husband, Jean, who is a good client and friend, proposed to open a shop. We found the location on Place Furstenberg and fell in love, so not only do we have a light, delicious snack but we have a beautiful surrounding to go with them.

What makes La Maison Du Chou Cream Puffs so good and unique?

Our choux are different because, first of all, we fill them as you order them, in order to keep a crunchy texture of the pâte. Second, our cream isn’t a heavy  crème patissiere, it consists of mousse-like texture and a balance of sugar and fromage blanc. All three of our flavors are the same base of cream with either chocolate or coffee added.

Any secrets you can share?

I would say the proportion of cream to the size of the chou, the freshness of our products and Martinez’ perfect technique.

If your kitchen could talk, what would it say?

Find more space!

What are your 5 favorite things to do in Paris?
1.  Walk down my street to Rue des Martyrs for all my groceries and favorite chai latte
2. Take my son to Parc Monceau to feed the ducks and take a spin on the carousel
3. Picnicking with friends on the Canal St. Martin or Buttes Chaumont on a hot summer day
4. Having lunch on top of  Printemps Department Store with the view of Paris
5. Getting lost in the Marais

Would we be able to get a recipe for the Cream Puffs??!

Unfortunately our recipe, although simple, is a secret. We give the basics but the proportions are specific to the chef.