Man’s Other Best Friend

Meet cutie Daniel who makes spinach pie and a mean case for cats #ladyporn

Name: Daniel Voysey
Dish Made: Spinach pie with cucumber-olive-chili-mint salad

Day job: Consultancy
Daily uniform: Jeans and a shirt
I have a few: Bad habits
In the kitchen, I swear by: My instincts. Doesn’t always work out, but I don’t like following recipes.
My voicemail message sounds like: I didn’t enjoy recording it.
The taste I couldn’t live without: Chili
Any hidden talents? Wouldn’t be hidden if I told you.
Currently listening to: ’90s rap
I’m dying to go to: Spain
Latest splurge: A five-month educational holiday from work.

If I could cook for anyone: Other than my better half, my grandparents who are no longer with me.

If your kitchen could talk, what would it say: I could use a renovation.

A kitten is a man’s best friend. Why? Cats will always make you feel good about what you’ve achieved on any given day because they do sweet nothing on a permanent basis. If you ever want someone to lie around and do nothing with, your cat has your back.

What makes you a good father to your kitten? The way I drag his squirrel-on-a-bungee-cord toy around the room for him to chase. He can’t get enough.

Ever thought about a dog? I grew up with cats and a dog. I love dogs, but they don’t clean themselves.

Top 5 hot spots in NYC:

Miss Lily’s
Bond Street Sushi
Joe’s Shanghai
Waverly Inn

My motto: Avoid clichés.