The Hemsley Girls: A Delicious Retrospective

Missed a ridiculous recipe from Melissa and Jasmine's first year at VOGUE? Here's the insider scoop

Last month we celebrated our 1-year anniversary as Vogue.co.uk’s food bloggers. It’s been a fantastic experience cooking up a storm for British Vogue and we’ve enjoyed the response not only to the recipes that we’ve created but also to our food philosophy, which is all about enjoying the food that makes you feel good!

Our 10 Favorite Recipes:

1) Quinoa isotto – Protein rich quinoa has been the buzz/new food on everyones lips for the past few years. Thankfully this ancient seed’s popularity means it’s getting easier to find. You can now get it in black and red as well as the usual white.  So many people we meet are scared to cook it or find it tasteless – but this way of cooking quinoa means that it’s delicious and comfortingly stodgy, a great rice substitute.

2) Quick Ragu & Courgetti – the name ‘Courgetti’ alone was enticing enough to draw plenty of traffic to this recipe. We love our spiraliser  there are many ways to make vegetable ‘pasta’ but none like a spiralizer.  We’ve served courgetti with classic Italian sauces and people barely bat an eyelid, when we let them in on the secret they are straight on to Amazon!

3) Superfood Salad – got an instant response from omnivores, vegetarians and vegans alike – our health conscious readers were happy with this, our first salad recipe of the year, and it’s super tasty miso tahini dressing. AND we timed it perfectly with some decent weather in the UK, at last!

4) Socca Pizza – this has become a ‘bread’ for many people who have gluten intolerances or choose to eat gluten free but still want nourishing wholefoods rather than bread imitators. So simple – only two ingredients/just chickpea flour and water to make this pizza base which also doubles as a flat bread. The toppings are up to you.

5) Chocolate Molton Pots – You’d never know from/by the taste just how much better this (indulgent tasting) dessert is for you than the traditional sugar and gluten laden recipes because it tastes just as delicious/indulgent.  We pack in quality cocoa, coconut butter and nutrient rich eggs with just a dash of maple syrup to make it  ‘melt in the mouth’.

6) Broccoli, Ginger & White Bean Soup – This features our secret weapon – bone broth – our favourite cure all.  We had such a surprising response to this, receiving many e-mails including mum’s who found their kids, loved this green soup – even though it features cayenne and ginger! Some advanced tastebuds out there…

7) Banana Bread – this has become a cult classic.  Friends have cut short Sunday brunches so that they can go home and bake up our banana bread and Choc chip cookies ready for the week ahead!

8) Sticky Toffee Pudding – not only did this experimental pudding of whole dates, ground almonds, eggs and butter become the base of our anniversary cake but it brings back a fantastic memory. Recreating our Sticky toffee pudding for a friend at his supper party without scales, measuring cups or even ground almonds! Just a blender jug owned by his nan in the 60’s  – the motor spewed out smoke but the pud was a success.

9) Cottage Pie with Cauliflower Mash – of course in the UK this classic was always going to go down a treat – a comforting dish that always draws an ‘ah!’ served hot from the oven. But our version has even more veg packed in – it also features our popular cauliflower mash as a topping making this is a nutrient dense dish that doesn’t leave you feeling like you’ve eaten a sack of potatoes

10) Mung Daal – our Mung has become popular with our readers who like to work hard and party hard, and know that they have something simple and restorative at the tip of their fingers. Cheap to make but wonderfully nourishing the subtle flavours have made it an excellent tonic for life’s excesses!

OK we couldn’t get it down to just 10 of our best so we’ve snuck in just one more….In at number 11:

11) Chestnut Stuffing & Quinoa Mushroom Nutloaf – our proudest creation to date. We set ourselves the task of creating a gluten free vegetarian loaf that could hold the hotspot at the Christmas table or indeed any Sunday lunch.  It’s so delicious, we didn’t mind recipe testing it again and again!

xx Jasmine & Melissa