Our Boy Brent

Today we're in Sydney with an Aussie mate who knows how to seduce a woman with kangaroo

Name: Brent Chandler

Dish made: Kangaroo filets served with field mushrooms and a quinoa and pumpkin salad.

Hometown: Melbourne, Australia

Current location: Sydney, Australia

Day job: Director of Zwift International

Daily uniform: Jeans and, most days, my favorite hat. I don’t wear a suit very often anymore.

In the kitchen, I swear by: Super fresh ingredients and a dangerously sharp knife.

I have a few: Very strange friends that keep life interesting!

The taste I couldn’t live without: Chili and garlic. No dish is complete without them. I usually start cooking by chopping a healthy serving of chili and garlic and then I decide on the dish.

Any hidden talents? I can juggle with  four balls. What a disappointing hidden talent…

If my kitchen could talk: I would have to silence it, it already knows too much!

Most romantic thing I’ve ever done for a girl: Unexpectedly sending flowers to her workplace with no card and no explanation. That’s pretty romantic right? (ed. note: yes!)

In life what is most important to me is: Doing what I love. Avoiding unnecessary politics. Scaring myself by taking big risks and fully committing. Having fun with life.

At 20 years old: I thought I knew everything.

At 30 years old: I’ve learned that the more I know the more I realize how little I know.

At 40 years old: I will be living in NYC and regularly escaping to the Maldives (on my private jet).

I’m not afraid to admit my dude crush is: Mark Wahlberg. Who wouldn’t?

I get nervous: At the thought of becoming complacent. Nothing could be worse than waking up in 20 years, looking back and regretting lost opportunities.

Favorite drop of wine? Oh, so many. In winter I love any heavy shiraz from the Barossa Valley but my all-time favourite would be the 2008 Katnook Estate Prodigy Shiraz. Wow.

Top 5 meals:

1. Everything at Per Se in NYC

2. Hot and numbing crispy duck, Spice Temple, Melbourne, Australia

3. Fried crickets, La Esquina, NYC

4. Braised oyster blade, Woods of Windsor, Melbourne, Australia

5. Mum’s pumpkin soup

My motto: The harder you work the luckier you get.