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The Lady Magazine editor hunts down quirky, artsy, hilarious hot spots around the web
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As she sets out to launch the ultra-chic art-meets-fashion ‘zine, Lady Magazine, fave SS girl Erica Steiner spends her down time hunting inspiration around the web. If you’re looking for off-the-beaten-path reads with a mix of unconventional culture, quirky fun, sharp humor and food, let her lead you to some of her coolest hot-spot sites. Here, she shares her daily virtual sojourns.

Classic eye candy. It’s possibly seizure-inducing due to the saturation of graphics, but Taylor Fimbrez must spend his entire day searching for the most visually fascinating objects the Internet has to offer. Must like black and white to enjoy.

Writer Maxine Lopez-Keough is funny, smart, and has spot-on taste. I basically read this blog for subtle instruction on how to be awesome. She splits her time between tracking down bikinis in Key West and water-proof waders in Alaska, and making me wish I were her in New York.

Free Williamsburg
I don’t know if you know this, but when you move to Williamsburg, you get a chip implanted in your head letting you know all the cool, hip places to be at all times. Just kidding—that would be nice, but this website works almost as well.

What Should I Read Next?
My favorite thing to do in warm weather is read in the park, so I go through books quickly, and while I do love wandering through The Strand, this is a great website for a jumping off point. It directed me to the book I’m currently reading “Poor Little Rich Girl: The Life and Legend of Barbara Hutton,” which I’m really enjoying.

A peek into other people’s closets. It’s the reason I only watch the first half hour of What Not to Wear and it’s the reason I love this site. Nothing inspires me more than seeing the myriad of ways that different minds create their own distinct looks. Also, I’m nosy.

Spoon Fork Bacon
The term “food porn” makes my skin crawl. I scroll straight past any food picture on Instagram, because I don’t need to see that. However, I like food and I like reading about things on the Internet, so, thanks, Teri Lyn Fisher and Jenny Park, for creating this. It has a simple, but pleasant interface with lovely pictures of the food, and best of all, recipes I like.

“I want to live in there.” Is my mind mantra when I look through this blog. Also, some pretty good writings on the world of architecture about which I know exactly nothing.

The Onion
The only place to get your news. I whole-heartedly believe everything that I read here. Often, I will send my mother links, because she, in turn, believes everything I send her. The Onion News Network is also an example of talented investigative journalism. Who needs The New York Times when you’ve got comedians in Chicago telling you what to think?

Vice Do’s and Don’t’s
Vice is a go-to for me anyway, but the Do’s and Don’t’s have gotten me through some pretty dark times (trying to meet a deadline). Living in Williamsburg, I could probably just look out a window and see most of these people, but Thomas Morton has better commentary than the homeless man on my corner (can’t compare to the homeless woman three blocks away, though).

Coast to Coast AM
I would never suggest that someone do anything illicit, but sometimes there’s only one thing that goes with a good conspiracy theory and it’s green and can be smoked. This website grew out of a late night talk show with some very colorful characters, where you can easily fall into a “WHAAAAAAT?!” K-Hole.

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