School of Grub

Carve, slice, and dice! This week, Hemsley & Hemsley get schooled in a chicken master class

As part of their summer program, gastro pub Paradise by Way of Kensal Green in West London has launched School of Grub, a series of classes and demonstrations all about great, local food! Melissa worked at Paradise for 2 years (behind the scenes, not in the kitchen) and it’s where she really fell in love with food—thanks to their food and wine aficionados and a head chef who would happily let her in on his secrets.

Events on the School of Grub menu include an oyster appreciation night with The Mother Shuckers, an evening with chocolatier Paul Young, a cheese night with Alex James (former Blur bassist now cheese connoisseur), and a chicken master class with Ginger Pig.

Knowing that Ginger Pig raises the healthiest animals at their Yorkshire Moors farm and sell to the city’s best restaurants, we had to sign up to their class. With our butcher’s coats buttoned up high, we watched Steve the butcher expertly slice and dice the chicken, showing us how to use every piece of the body (we’re all about nose-to-tail eating). Later, we stuffed the chicken breasts with goat cheese and wrapped them in bacon—resulting in a rich, salty roast, perfectly complemented by a cabbage and herb salad. Check out the pics!

Even if we had not been encouraged to collect all of the bones and off-cuts for our stockpot, we would’ve collected them anyway! Homemade stock is, after all, our secret ingredient: it makes everything taste better and will make you feel better thanks to its nourishing properties. Stock is just our thing. See how we make ours from British Vogue below!

xx Melissa & Jas

Hemsley & Hemsley’s Bone Broth recipe

1 chicken carcass or a few beef/lamb bones
Filtered water
Bay leaves


  • Place a chicken carcass or 1kg of of beef or lamb bones and a few bay leaves into a large pot and cover with filtered water by at least two inches.
  • Bring the bones to a boil and skim off any foam that rises to the top.
  • Reduce heat to medium-low, and simmer, covered for at least six hours for the chicken or 12 hours for the beef and lamb.
  • Strain the stock and it’s ready to use (beef bones produce a lot of nutritious fat – skim some of it and save it roasting vegetables). Any leftovers can be stored in the fridge for up to three days or freeze the stock in a glass container.