Male Monday: Sports Edition

We went cruising at this year's Adidas Fanatic tournament, held at Pier 5 in Brooklyn

For this special sports edition of Male Monday, we creeped around the fields of the 2013 Adidas Fanatic soccer tournament, held on the water at Pier 5 in Brooklyn. And while we have no idea which team won, we do know that the below guys got game! Check them out!

Name: Drew
Day job: Designer at The Principals
Is it soccer or football? Soccer
Favorite sporting moment in a movie: When Jimmy Kristidis does a bicycle kick to win the final game in the movie Hotshot.

Name: Juan
Day job: Professional party-goer
Is it soccer or football? Footsoccer
Favorite sporting moment: Spain winning three years in a row!
Favorite warm-up song: Anything by Wu Tang or Juicy J

Name: Marcus
Day job: Chef at Red Rooster
Is it soccer or football? Football, of course!
Favorite team: A Brazilian team, when I was a kid I loved watching Brazil play.
Favorite sporting moment in a movie: I love the documentary about Diego Maradonna–it shows how crazy and incredible he was.

Name: Jason
Day job: Merchandiser at Louis Vuitton
Is it soccer or football? Soccer
Favorite sporting moment in a movie? When they play tennis in Clueless

Name: Mathias
Day job: Model
Favorite team: Barcelona
Best moment on the field today: Playing alongside my girlfriend, she did great!

Name: Charles
Day job: Designer at The Principals
Is it soccer or football? Soccer
Favorite sporting moment in a movie: When Michael J. Fox wins the game, not as Teen Wolf in Teen Wolf.

Name: Terrill
Day job: Operations manager at Opening Ceremony
Favorite team: Barcelona
Favorite player: Zinedine Zidane
Favorite sporting moment: Marshawn Lynch’s “beast mode” 67-yard touchdown run in the 2011 NFL playoffs (Seattle vs. New Orleans)

Name: Andrew
Day job: Communications Association
Soccer of football? Soccer
Favorite team? Anything New York!