Moon Juice’s California Chia Pudding

Amanda Chantal Bacon, founder of the raw & organic juice bar Moon Juice in Venice, CA, shares her recipe (& love) for chia seed pudding!

Dear Chia Pudding,
I love you for your amazing, pillowy, tapioca texture that has a little seedy crunch; for being an amazing vehicle for any fruit, nut, or flavor I desire; and for the amazing energy and sustenance that comes from eating just a small bowl of you!
Love Amanda Chantal Bacon (and Moon Juice) x

– Raw organic chia seeds—these are full of bio available protein, omegas, and vitamin E
– Moon Milk, made from truly raw (unpasteurized), organic, California almonds, sprouted in alkaline water and then pressed. This process produces a higher vitamin, mineral, micronutrient, and enzyme content out of the seed and into your milk. After squeezing every last drop of milk out of the almonds we add a pinch of mountain salt. You can substitute with any type of nut or seed milk homemade or otherwise, just go for something organic and sugar free!
– Raw, local wildflower honey. Raw honey contains live healing enzymes, antibiotics, and has anti-viral effects
– Seasonal fruit—I used some Saturn peaches that I found at the market that morning. I also love using berries, persimmons, fresh figs, pears—really anything ripe and beautiful. Experiment!
– Raw, organic walnuts, broken into pieces by hand
– Raw, organic vanilla powder. This is one of my favorite pantry staples. This vanilla is a powerful sun-dried aphrodisiac that packs way more of that exquisite, floral, wild vanilla flavor than any cooked version.


Start with 1/2 cup of chia seeds in a medium bowl. Slowly pour in 1 1/2 cups of the almond milk, 2 tbs of honey, and vanilla and stir. These few minutes of stirring lets the seed’s gelatinous orbit bloom so that you begin to create the pudding texture rather than have big clumps of chia seeds stuck together. Let it do its magic in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours, stirring occasionally for that smooth pudding/tapioca consistency. While the pudding is setting in the fridge, slice your fruit and coat with a touch of honey. Divvy up the pudding and top with your honey macerated, seasonal fruit, and a sprinkle of the walnuts!