Matt Bloody Marys in Venice Beach

We talk surf 'n' turf over Bloody Marys and some finger lickin' good chicken wings

When Delaware-native Matt Titone decided to build a half pipe in his LA backyard, it was under the premise and wise words of Kevin Costner, If you build it, they will come. The they Matt was referring to were his friends and a fire pit and grill would be simply cherries on top of this ultimate hangout ice cream.

Creative director by day, co-owner of surf brand, Indoek, by night, and a surfer-fanatic in between, Matt ticked all the Male Monday boxes but the question remained—could he cook? Spoiler alert: Yes, yes he could.


Name: Matt Titone
Dish: Dewtopia (my nickname is Dewey) Chicken Wings and Pickles
Hometown: Delaware
Current Location: Venice, CA
Day job: Founding partner and creative director of ITAL/C and founding partner of Indoek
Daily Uniform: Indoek organic cotton T-shirt, flannel, jeans, and Vans
I have a few: Surfboards
In the kitchen, I swear by: Garlic and Rosemary (or my fiancé)
The taste I couldn’t live without: In N Out Burger
Hidden talents: I dunno if I have any! If I am talented at something, I usually do my best not to hide it.
If my kitchen could talk, it would say: You eat too much cheese. Stop eating cheese.
Latest splurge: A new 5’6 Stoker V Machine (surfboard)
Last place I traveled: Costa Rica
Most romantic thing I’ve done for a girl: I am not much of a romantic guy but I did propose to my wife-to-be in a cozy little cabin up in Big Sur. It was early winter and we were drinking wine by the fire out on the porch. The stars were out, not a person for miles, sounds of nature, all that romantical stuff was happening.
In life, what is most important to me is: Family and friends
Currrently obsessed with: A beach teepee called WaveWam that I just launched with Indoek!
I get nervous when: People interview me. Thankfully, this one is not in person.
My Top 5 Meals:
1. Sushi
2. Any fresh, grilled fish
3. A big slice of New York pizza
4. Spicy Tuna Bowl at Poke Poke in Venice
5. Justen Burrito at Ricos in Encinitas
My motto: More everything!!!

Recipe for Bloody Mary:
Mix to your pleasure:
– Tito’s Vodka
– Mr. & Mrs. T’s Bloody Mary Mix
– Tabasco sauce
– Horseradish
– Ground pepper and sea salt
– Secret Weapon: Pickle juice
Garnish with:
– Blue cheese olives
– Pickled okra
– Lemon and lime wedges
– Big ass celery

Recipe for Chicken Wings:
– Sea Salt and ground pepper
– Fresh garden herbs: Rosemary, Thyme
– Minced garlic
– Olive oil
– Tabasco sauce
– Heat slow and low
– Turn occasionally
Post Grill:
– Heat melted butter and Texas Pete (or Franks Red Hot) hot sauce
– Smother wings with sauce mix and get dirty!