Room Anatomy: Amanda Chantal Bacon in Venice Beach

We're back basking in the Cali sunshine this morning, poking around Amanda Chantal Bacon's srsly stunning home

Take a deep breath in and out and feel the instant zen of Amanda Chantal Bacon‘s Venice home. And in case you missed it, catch Amanda’s chia seed pudding recipe here. Namaste.

Name: Amanda Chantal Bacon
Hometown: New York
Current location: Venice, CA
How long have you lived here for? Six years
What is your approach to decorating your home? Live a fun, adventuresome life. Hold back on buying anything unless you absolutely have to have it. Build your home around those key pieces that you love and trinkets from your travels.
Describe the interior: Cozy but clean, modern but earthy, with the simplicity and sophistication of Southern California
Favorite room in the house? I love the garage that became the living room. Nothing feels better to me than the high ceiling with original wooden beams and natural light streaming in from all directions.
Where did you get the rugs from? They’re all vintage rugs, collected over time. A few were donated by Lori Goldstein from her Moroccan collection
What’s the story with the couch? It’s incredible! The couch is Anfibio: it’s a convertible sofa bed designed by Alessandro Becchi in the 70s. It encourages multiple person, full lounge hanging.
Where did you find the Star of David circular piece? It’s a vintage flea market find.
Where did you find those lamp rock formations? I bought them from Rewire Gallery on Melrose in Los Angeles.
Who is the large blue painting by? A friend found it at a flea market. It was intended for Moon Juice Venice, but I ended up snagging it for myself!
Finish this sentence: Every home needs… a fridge full of juice, plants, sage, a good crystal, a sheepskin, a cast iron pan, a sharp knife, and linen sheets!