Badass April Bloomfield

10 reasons why we love the blood and guts of this woman

We’re psyched for this weekend’s Taste Talks, curated by none other than April Bloomfield! But then again, we’re psyched on ALL things A.B. Here’s 10 reasons why:

1. She says stuff like this, “These poussins, oh, my goodness,” she said. “They’re actually really hard to f*** up. They’re unf***able. You can’t f*** them up.”
2. And this, “‘Copious’ is a word I like to use when buttering my potatoes.”
3. She’s a WARRIOR—she wanted to be a police officer in BIRMINGHAM, of all places
4. She can do this in front of a crowd, no sweat.
5. She likes her PG Tips just so, “Not in a wide mug, please, or the tea will cool too quickly.”
6. She has not one but TWO Michelin stars tucked under her chefs hat
7. Her first restaurant in NY, The Spotted Pig, attracted none other than Jay-Z as an investor. Ballin’
8. She loves Tim Tams (ditto)
9. This photo
10. Her weekends read a little like this. #BestLifeEver