Four Legs Good: Tracy & Simba in Mount Washington, LA

Furry and fabulous! Meet Simba the Rhodesian Ridgeback... somebody cue Elton John!

We’re all about pets here at SS so when we met designer Tracy Wilkinson and her pup, we knew a new series was brewing! Get acquainted below:

Tracy! Who is this handsome fella?! His name is Simba Zulu!

“The Circle of Life” is one of the greatest Disney songs ever. Why this awesome name? He came from the pound already named! I couldn’t think of name that sounded the same so I kept it.

What giant breed is he? Rhodesian Ridgeback

And how old is he? 10

Who do you think he was in a past life? Gregory Peck

What are some of his best attributes? He’s very mellow, playful, and patient

No one’s perfect so what’s his most annoying habit? He eats cat poop! It’s so gross and weird.

Cat poop aside, what is he currently obsessed with? Going for a walk along the Self-Realization trail near the monk monastery in Mount Washington. He always knows when I’m taking him there.

Favorite human treat: Cheese, any cheese

What do you think he gets up to while you’re out? I’m pretty sure he just sleeps in my bed.

And because you live in L.A., I have to ask a celeb-related question: Who is your favorite celeb pet? Bubbles the Chimp!

LOL! So true. What an angel! And if Simba had a voice who would he sound like? Will Ferrell, for sure.