Bernardo in Mexico City

There's nothing sweeter than the relationship between man and... his scooter

Whether you’re ducking in and out of CRAZY traffic or just doing drive-bys to street carts for some darn good esquites (delicious corn in a cup), a scooter is muy convenient in Mexico City. But do you wanna know what’s more convenient? A cute guy riding one, duh! Enter Bernardo, this week’s Male Monday: a scooter and fabric enthusiast.

Name: Bernardo Dominguez

Day job/night job: I’m a graphic designer at Savvy and I’m also the B in AB, a project I started with my best friend that looks to collaborate with other artists and designers to create limited editions of pieces that blur the line between art and design.

Age: 27

Hometown: Mexico City

Currently living: Mexico City

Star sign: Scorpio

Describe yourself in 3 words, or less: Scorpio

Describe your incredible hair in 3 words or less: Legendary (Hah!)

What are you currently obsessed with? Fabrics and textile printing

What’s your scooter’s name? It hasn’t got a name but it’s most definitely a he.

Why did you buy him? He’s the perfect way to get around in this chaotic city and because the sense of freedom you feel when riding around him

When did you buy him? I bought this one 2 years ago. Before it I used to own a white one. Both Vespas.

Do chicks dig him? Oh it definitely gets a lot of attention…

When you’re riding through the streets of Mexico City, what’s your theme song? Ooooh that’s an ever-changing one! It depends on my song obsession of the moment. This morning I was listening to Toña la Negra so I guess it would be that. Awsome rhythms.

If we had one day in Mexico City with you and your scooter, where would you take us? We’d go riding around the older parts of Downtown and then to one of the many amazing markets in this city.

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 Photography by Ana Hop