Magritte, Matadors & Meredith at Home in East Hollywood

Wide arched windows + French doors = Dealbreaker

SS gal Anna Gray takes a peek inside actress Meredith Shank’s EaHo home and affirms our belief that everything is a-OK in LA.

Hey Meredith! Thanks for having me! So how long have you lived in this apartment? Only 8 months

What’s your favorite thing about the space? The arch window with the French doors is pretty impressive. I never wanted to live on the ground floor… but that window was kind of a deal breaker. You know how easy it was to move in? Oh, and the wood-burning fireplace!

How many apartments have you lived in since leaving home? I moved to New York for college when I first left home. So, the dorms, then my Greenwich Village apartment, which I loved. Since coming to LA two years ago, I’ve moved five times. I needed to test out the neighborhoods, LA is really big.

Tell me about Bunny: Bunny is the best! When I was a kid I used to take Bunny with me when I traveled, and he came with me when I lived in France for a year in high school, and then when I moved to New York my mom put him in my suitcase. He’s been through everything with me, so at this point we’re inextricably bound. Just pray that I don’t get scarlet fever, because I would never Velveteen Rabbit him.

And where did you get those dining chairs? They’re from the 40s. Sophomore year of high school I convinced my mom to buy them for her house, because they’re awesome. But they have the unfortunate tendency to fall forward if you sit on them wrong. Which was incredibly embarrassing for some of my mom’s dinner guests. So now they’re mine!

How about that chopped up Magritte? That Magritte poster, in its original state, was on my Freshman dorm room wall. When I moved out of the dorms it got all crumpled and ratty, but I had these extra frames so I chopped it up and put it in them. I thought I was being really clever, that I took the painting to an even more surreal place, that I was more meta than Magritte. But I was 19. I still like it though.

Tell me the story behind those matador posters. Those are tourist posters from Madrid. They stamp your name on them with big wooden block letters. They used to hang outside my brother and my bedrooms growing up. They’re framed nicely, but I like that they’re actually pretty kitsch.

And where did you get those framed clovers? I found them! I found seven four-leaf clovers in one year—I’m not even kidding! I think it was fourth grade. My dad thought that the clover was prettier than the grass and let it take over his front lawn. Maybe we had a mutant yard, but after I found seven of them I stopped looking because I didn’t want any more. I liked the idea of having seven lucky clovers in the frame.

Is that a corset on the bookshelf over there? Yes, that’s a corset. I’m acting in a web series that my friend created. It takes place around 1900. His costume designer handmade the corset to fit my body. I can’t get over how well made it is, really, she’s incredible. And it was made for me so I get to keep it!

Speaking of corsets—what will you be for Halloween? Well… now that I have this excellent corset, I’m trying to cultivate a costume around it. I’m thinking maybe the White Queen from Through the Looking Glass. She’s the one who said “Sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” I think that’s an attitude worth celebrating.

What’s your favorite part of living in LA? LA has my favorite restaurants. They really know how to cook a vegetable here. I could eat at Forage everyday and Gjelina. Of course, they’re killing it on the sushi and taco front, too. I also like how close LA is to the desert. All the wide-open space here in The West makes you feel like there’s still something left to discover.

You have so much space to yourself! What decorative purchase are you considering next? I currently have a New York amount of stuff in an LA amount of space. I have so many empty cabinets! I feel like I shouldn’t be allowed to live here. Someone who can use all these cabinets should live here. One of my closets only has belts in it. I can’t even remember the last time I wore a belt. I think my next purchase should be a coffee table though, or a desk. Or maybe I’ll just go to Goodwill and get a bunch of junk to put in my cabinets so I won’t feel so bad.

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