My Blog City: The Skimm

It's Danielle & Carly's business to stay in the know, so what sites, blogs, mags & newspapers do they read?

It’s hard to keep up with everything going on in the world, but theSkimm founders Carly Zakin and Danielle Weisberg have it down to a science. Their daily newsletter summarizes the world’s major events from the last 24 hours, adding in a healthy dose of humor that has always us LOL-ing on the subway during our morning commute. These two are majorly in the know when it comes to flipping through pages and scouring the Internet, so SS pal Alexandra Thurmond asked them to take us on a visit to their NY neighborhood newsstand, Casa Magazines, and share their favorite their reads on fashion, fun, and of course, hard hitting news.

1. Vanity Fair
It’s the epitome of culture meets current events meets cool. A must-read since high school.
2. Glamour
Great focus on all aspects of our daily lives: work, play, fashion, future
3. The Atlantic
Always has an interesting take about the ways in which top political & economic issues intersect with real life
4. NY Mag
The easiest way for me to stay on top of culture in the big city with a dose of political feature

1. Vogue
It’s Vogue! Enough said.
2. The Economist
It has always has the best analyses on topics that can sometimes put you to sleep
3. Marie Claire
I remember when I bought my first MC issue, I felt like I was really working girl. It’s a staple for every female who struggles to look good while balancing it all.
4. TV Newser
Old habits die hard, morning go-to for anyone in the TV industry
5. Wired
Always looking forward to their next feature.

Both Carly & Danielle:
1. Wall Street Journal
We love their political coverage & they’re the epitome of business news.
2. Mike Allen’s Playbook
It’s our favorite thing to wake up to in our inboxes, aside from theSkimm

What are you guys reading? We’re all about seeming smart at dinner parties—hook us up! pippa@sousstyle.com and gillian@sousstyle.com

Photography by Melvin Harper