Pippa’s Diary: On the Prowl for a Growl

The alarm bells are ringing like crazy! I think it's time I made the ultimate commitment

I talk about this quite a bit, about how we have a life clock ticking away inside of us all. It’s that internal alarm that goes off at different moments in your life. Now, I’m not talking about our biological clock or the I must buy a house, or get married clocks. Ugh, there’s enough of that chatter on Facebook—no thank you! What I’m talking about is the internal clock that whispers surprising life hints like: Hey Pippa, Maybe you don’t need to go out and get super drunk, it’s Tuesday; or Hey Pippa, Maybe that 50-year-old actor in recovery isn’t a great option for good, long-term relationship; or Hey Pippa, Maybe a cushion could be nice instead of those heels; and most recently Hey Pippa, maybe it could be nice to get a dog. * Car screech* What?!

While I’m not ready for kids, marriage, or even a one-year gym membership there is a voice inside me that’s saying perhaps it’s time to come of age and look after something else other than me. Seriously? Me, who is oh so very busy taking care of things like my work, my schedule, my friends, my dry cleaning, and my hair—are you noticing a pattern here, girls? I only say my when really life is about moving towards we. Thankfully it doesn’t have to be a result a ring on the finger e.t.c. Well, not yet anyway 😉 Yep, I’m officially on the prowl for a growl and have found myself replacing my usual lady porn pins with screenshots of cute dogs doing cute things. Yeah, I’m really cool.

When the Halloween Dog Parade popped up in my feed, I thought it would be a great opportunity to shoot some hot guys with their hot dogs on a gorgeous fall day in the East Village (very Sous Style), as well as the perfect place to meet my perfect breed. So on Saturday afternoon, Tricia and I set out to the famous parade with high hopes. Sadly, we didn’t find our hot guys, sorry ladies: I even overheard one girl say to her friend: “Babe, this is totally a great place to find single men, right?” to which her gf responded, “Girl, I don’t know about you but I’m not exactly into a guy who dresses up as his dog!” Fair point. I, however, did discover that I need a dog, STAT. I literally love-humped every cute dog in sight!

Is your pet clock is ticking too (I need a little reassurance)? And what breed should I get? E-mail me pippa@sousstyle.com

Pippa x