Sandwiches-101: A Sous Survival Class

Six ways to sexier sandwiches! Our tips and tricks for working week ahead
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When the work days are long and the weather is dreary, sometimes having lunch delivered direct to your desk is the only way to go. But girl, close that GrubHub window, ’cause next week we’re putting in place a sandwich challenge. Welcome to our sandwich survival class! Follow our steps, hit the supermarket this Sunday, and prep the Tupperware! We’ve got you lunch sorted for the week ahead.

1. The Loaf: It all starts here. Grab a great multigrain or sourdough and steer clear of anything whiter than a piece of paper.

2. The Cheese Factor: So many delicious cheeses to chose from, so little time. We like mixing things up every week. Who has time to be loyal to cheddar when there’s a whole bounty of dairy out there? Hit the cheese bin at your nearest fancy food spot to get a bunch of different types. Find your chee(se)!

3. The Green Goodness: Something with a healthy crunch is a necessity, We’re talking about kale, spinach, rocket, alfalfa sprouts, broccoli, Cos lettuce, and so on. Hot tip: keep bagged or boxed leaves crisp and fresh by slightly dampening a piece of paper towel and placing over or around the leaves.

4. The X Factor: Every sandwich has that one stand-out ingredient that combines everything else: pork, turkey, chicken, beef, tuna, salmon, tofu–anything goes.

5. The Spread: Start with butter and upgrade the situation with other spreads like avocado, hummus, almond butter, sriracha sauce, mustard, fig spread, or chutney.

6. The Curve Ball: Go ahead, make your day. Add in a wild card ingredient like chickpeas, eggs, tomato, capers, thinly sliced apple, coleslaw, peppers, broccoli, sautéed or freshly-chopped onion (sorry desk buddy).

Not every food ingredient is a match made in heaven but if you Keep It Simple, Sexy and choose one ingredient from each section you’re already a winner. Stick them in the fridge on Monday and you’ll (continue to) be the envy of your co-workers through Friday. Here’s a little sandwich porn to get you in the mood:

Vegan, fried green tomato sandwich via Notions and Notations of a Novice Cook

Spicy haloumi with roasted peppers, pickled eggplant & chargrilled zucchini via What Katie Ate

Fried egg with bacon and blue cheese via Smitten Kitchen

Avocado, strawberry, and goats cheese melt via Edible Perspective

Grilled fontina, blackberry, and basil smash sandwiches via How Sweet It Is

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