Couch Therapy: Carly Zakin & Danielle Weisberg of theSkimm

We get up close and couch-cozy with the co-founders

Sometimes, extraordinary comes from the most ordinary places. Case and point: theSkimm. Remember these cutie-patooties? We asked them for their Internet Cliff Notes not long back. And while they are extraordinary, theSkimm‘s HQ isn’t, because it’s their couch! So we thought what better place to interview them than right there. SS gal pal Alexandra Thurmond gives a little couch therapy below:

Hey ladies! OK, give me the 411 on all things theSkimm:

How did you two meet? Studying abroad in Rome, Italy in college

theSkimm is sent out at the crack of dawn! What’s the morning routine like here? Wake up. Check phone. Read Skimm. Gym. Coffee (for one of us), grapefruit (for the other). Then speak.

Once the newsletter is out, where’s your favorite escape spot from the office? Any place where there is sun and room for us to lie down.

What’s the mantra of this home/office situation? Business in the front, party at the back

Where do you find décor inspiration? Window shopping at Jonathan Adler and C Wonder

Your favorite way to unwind: Wine. Sleep. Repeat.

Must-haves for the ultimate girl’s night in: Alcohol and chocolate

Local late night food destination? Insomnia cookies on our couch!

What do you love most about living in New York? Alcohol is easily delivered, as is just about anything else.

OK! I’m gonna play a little game here and ask you gals questions on each other–it’s the ultimate friendship test! First, Danielle on Carly. Danielle finish these sentences:

Carly takes her coffee: Only when highly stressed. Usually dark days. Otherwise iced tea, chocolate milk, or hot chocolate.

Her favorite type of cuisine is: Italian

She loves to: Sleep

Her motto when it comes to cooking is: No cheese

Movie she could watch over and over: Grease or the Saved by the Bell TV special that ran as a full length

Her hidden talent is: Ability to climb on dangerously tall everyday objects and escape death

OK, now Carly on Danielle:

Danielle makes the best: Excel spreadsheets and chicken

Her favorite food indulgence is: Peanut brittle when feeling fancy or blue cheese and olives. Peanut butter with apples when she’s feeling stressed–a lot of peanut butter.

Book she could read a thousand times: Twilight by Stephanie Meyer

Her favorite brunch spot is: Joseph Leonard’s

Signature cocktail: Dirty Martini

She couldn’t live without: Sleep. Olives. Cheese. Wine.

Nothing like a little therapy first thing in the morning! What’s up with you? Drop us an e-mail, pippa@sousstyle.com and gillian@sousstyle.com