Male Monday: Sharp Turns & Shiitake Mushrooms with Gregg

We're hitching a ride around Chinatown with the Neuehouse chef. Gotta love a little Male Monday manpower!

“Where are all the cute, nice guys in this city?” We hear this question all too often from too many New Yorkers. And it’s true, sometimes we go an entire DAY without spotting a decent Male Monday, until we found the man oasis that is the NeueHouse, a new private workspace in the Flatiron. Every now and then, we pop up to there for a meeting but end up hanging out for hours–just for the eye candy. There’s just something about hot creatives working on hot creative projects. After a particularly delicious ladies lunch, we met the chef, Gregg Drusinsky. We immediately knew a Male Monday starring him was on the cards, but what sealed the situation was when he told us he collects his ingredients by bike every morning–and not just any bike, a humongous, sexy matt black bike. So we made a deal: we would meet him super early to follow him around the tight, winding streets of Chinatown and in return he’ll share some of his favorite Thanksgiving vegetarian recipes.

It’s a little cold out this morning so let’s get this show on the road! Tell us about yourself:
I’m the chef and partner at the NeueHouse

And outside of this, what are you into? Running, yoga, and tequila

Let’s take things back a little, as a teenager who did you worship?
My older brother

And describe your teenage bedroom:
Nirvana posters, bean bags, black lights, clothes on the floor

Pretty standard, angst-y stuff then. And your apartment now?
It’s a loft in Union Square with minimal decor and a small kitchen

Sounds like the ultimate bachelor pad. Are you single?
Yes, I am single

Have you ever been told you have a type?
Nope, never

What’s your first date uniform?
APC jeans, boots, and Saturdays button-down

What are some first-date red flags?
No sexual chemistry

How do you know when things are going well?
Lots of laughing, eye contact, genuine interest in and respect for eachother

What do you value most in women?
Honesty and style

What dish would you make to impress a girl?
Something very simple: nicely shucked oysters, a warm salad of seasonal veggies, and a sexy pasta dish.

As a chef, what do you swear by in the kitchen?
Doc Martens, a sharp knife, and smart staff

If you could host the ultimate Thanksgiving dinner party, who would come and what would you cook?
I would have my whole Ohio crew over–all my best friends! I would cook a traditional Thanksgiving dinner to the nines, with an emphasis on vegetarian sides!

What’s your favorite Thanksgiving dish?
My cousin Jody makes a really great sweet potato and marshmallow casserole.

Marshmallows!?!?! OK, last question, what’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?
“Enjoy yourself. You’ll be dead soon” –Captain of a 30-foot snorkeling boat in the Caribbean.

Photography by Meghan McNeer

Stay tuned for Gregg’s Warm Shiitake and Lentil Salad and Kabocha Squach Curry recipes! Got a Male Monday for us? E-mail us pippa@sousstyle.com and gillian@soustyle.com