Male Monday: Coffee & Catch with Peter

We're giving this guy a K9 out of 10!

Ladies, hot tip: Next time you need a little inspiration, may we suggest hitting up your local dog park? We met New York-newcomer Peter Baston at a coffee shop in the East Village and followed him and his girl to Tompkins Square Park. In between games of catch, we threw him these questions:

Day job: Graphic designer

Age: 27, Virgo

Hometown: Portland, Oregon

Favorite movie featuring a dog: Homeward Bound

Why did you move to New York?
For the amazing food, the good work, and the inspiring people.

And who is this furry angel? Her name is Madison. I named her after the coolest grandmother I know

And she’s a Golden Retriever, right? Yep! She’s about 6-years-old.

Where’s her favorite dog park in the city? Right here in Tompkins Square Park

Who do you think she was in a past life? She’s all about the outdoors: she’s tagged around the country with me, from Portland to San Diego and now New York. She was definitely a rad explorer like Sacagawea.

What are some of her best attributes? She likes late morning snoozing like me and long runs along the East River. She’s also a Lady Killer.

And, name an annoying habit of hers, no one is perfect: She’s probably the most persistent dog looking for love.

What is she currently obsessed with? She’s got a crush on a dog called McQueen at the park.

And if she had a voice, whose would it be? Melissa McCarthy

Photography by Suzanne Spiegoski

We’ve never enjoyed playing catch so much, and could you blame us? E-mail us pippa@sousstyle.com and gillian@soustyle.com