Best Guest Behavior

These Holidays, get invited back every time with our long-story-short etiquette guidelines

It’s the season of entertaining, of party hosting and turkey roasting—but it’s not all fun and games. There’s a code of etiquette that needs to be followed, and it’s time we all had a refresher. Emily Post wrote the Bible of good behavior, but we’ve got the Cliff’s notes:

Put. Down. The Phone. We’re all guilty of Instagramming the moments you don’t want to forget (and want others to seethe over), but give it a break, for once. We highly recommend a phone stack and a meal-shot moratorium. Just this once.

Nobody likes a flake. We’re only going to say this once: Enough with “Maybe” Facebook responses and no-shows. If you say you’re going, show.

Show up with champers. You’d never dare show up empty-handed (would you?!), and since there’s always something to celebrate this time of year, why not make it memorable with a little Prosecco to pass? We like Nino Franco Rustico or Lunetta if your selection’s limited.

Give good gift. Listen, there’s no event in the next month you shouldn’t be prepared to gift for. A well-stocked gift drawer pays back in dividends (i.e., repeat invites), so make the purchases now and be thankful later. Everyone loves a scented candle, anything Aesop, or even something for the bar.

Dietary restrictions are on you. We know, it’s hard to stay gluten-free/vegetarian/macrobiotic/Dukkan this time of year. But unless you’re headed to Mom’s, it’s just not nice to put the burden of accommodation on your host. Bring your own dish to pass so you know you’ll have something to eat besides cranberry sauce.

Don’t be boring. The best defense is a good offense—in other words, come prepared. Read your daily TheSkimm, give the Dinner Party Download a whirl, or trust the Sunday Styles for a heartfelt piece.

Compliments. Give ’em out like candy but never insincerely.

Drop the drama. This isn’t the scene to dredge up annoyances or settle the score with a fellow guest. Save it for the cameras.

Follow up. The ultimate re-invitation guarantee: yep, still the handwritten note.

Image taken from A Proper Dinner Christmas Party. Hosting these holidays? What do you need from your guests to put your nerves at ease? Drop us a line, direct, at pippa@sousstyle.com or gillian@sousstyle.com, naturally.