Smokin’ Ole

Fish whisperer Ole Hansen will sing, dance and smoke your salmon—but he's not giving away any secrets

Introducing our friend Ole Hansen, smoker extraordinaire. Ole’s salmon is known as the best in London. Our clients love it, let us tell you… it’s well worth seeking out, Melissa & Jasmine Hemsley www.hemsleyandhemsley.com

Name: Ole Martin Hansen

Hometown: Stavanger, Norway

Current Location: London

Day Job: Salmon smoker and CEO of Hansen & Lydersen.

Daily Uniform: Oilskin, shirts and a cravat.

In the kitchen, I swear by: Small produce from family producers.

The taste I couldn’t live without: Monjo and St. Lucian ripe mangoes.

Hidden talents: Singing country songs, building huts and making hot chocolate.

Favorite travel spot: Beijing before the Olympics—I enjoyed the amazing culture and living in a hutong with locals.

I’m dying to visit: The moon.

Current playlist: Josephine Foster and Madrugada.

Latest splurges: A huge party at the smokehouse, and a nice sweater.

If your kitchen could talk, it would say: “Let’s talk produce and ingredients.”

Go-to method for impressing a girl: Sing and dance.

Best way for a girl to impress you: Sing and dance.

Recipe: Sel de guerande, beechwood from Denmark, juniper from my brother’s farm and the best farmed salmon in the world from hidden fjord—everything enhances the sweet taste of salmon.

Top 3 restaurants you supply with salmon:
1. Viajante, London
2. Nopi, London
3. The Albion, London

How did you get started? I wanted to recreate a lost taste from my childhood.

Do you have a secret for the salmon blend? Yes.

What are the important steps when it comes to smoking salmon perfectly? Every step of the process is handled gently, with care and love. We wash the fillets and salt one salmon a time so we really care about each individual fish.

What makes Hansen & Lydersen the best? We have the best ingredients in provenance and integrity. We only focus on one thing: smoking salmon. We don’t do anything else, and the perpetual focus pays off.

Any tips on how to get rid of the fish smell? No, and I’ve tried it all.

My Top 5 Meals:
1. Picolo Lago, Lake Lugano, Italy
2. Taibs, London
3. Viajante, London
4. Eros, Italy
5. Ombra, London

My motto: Never give up, never surrender