Hang Those Socks On High

It's a 2-for-1! Gifting & decorating with our Paris craft correspondents, Alison & Lauren!

Nothing says Why are we friends again? like a pair of socks does at Christmas time. While they’re totally necessary, especially at this time of the year, they’re the type of gift that’s best reserved for your Secret Santa or landlord. Socks, however, adorned in silver bells, tassels, and pompoms—well that’s another thing entirely. These guys scream You’re probably the most fabulous person in my life, meaning you need to wear these socks on Christmas day and beyond. Jump out to your closest craft spot, call up your girls, pour it up, and do as The House of That Jack Built does!

You will need:
Socks, they should be quite strong to hold up the bells!
Silver bells
Stocking stuffers are optional!

This is really about freestyling! Rather than going with the classic red, green, and white color palette, we chose bright colors that will make any outfit (or fireplace) pop like crazy! Sew each adornment, in a cluster, onto the sock trim—and you’re done!

Photography by Claire Plush. Need a little more House That Jack Built in your life? Follow them on Instagram here!

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