DJ So Super Sam’s Dinner Party Posse

They say behind every great girl are many amazing friends...

When we asked LA-based DJ and producer beauty So Super Sam to host a dinner party just for Sous, we could’ve focused on the fresh Fattoush salad, the buttermilk biscuits with mushroom and sausage gravy, the pumpkin beer braised pork tenderloin with a side of mashed potatoes and roasted carrots (sorry, should we stop?) but instead, we wanted to know more about the beautiful people on the evening’s guest list.

Hi Sam! Everything looks amazing, thanks for letting us hang! So who’s coming to dinner? Can you introduce each person to us?
Sure! So there’s:
Jason Stewart: DJ and does a really funny podcast in this very house called Tall Tales. Tonight is the only night there are no microphones and cables all over the dining table. Special night!
Kish Robinson: Sultry songstress who lives in a cabin in the woods of Laurel Canyon and does yoga in her front yard.
Phil Annard: Creative mind behind Madbury Club and drives a big purple jeep.
Marc Hendrick: Clothing designer from Australia who really likes the Boston Celtics (not sure why).
Anna Lunoe: Ultra cute DJ/singer/producer and apple pie maker
Erin Garcia: Incredible artist and his DJ alter ego is Bobby Evans
Edrina Martinez: Music producer babe, also puts an inhumane amount of honey in her hot tea


And why did you bring this crew together?
I’ve had dinner with everyone individually but a lot of them hadn’t met each other yet, so I thought I should bring them all together. I knew that there would only be a couple of degrees of separation between them. The nucleus of the group is the girls because they’re all musical people that I’ve met over the years. I thought it would be really fun to get some really strong musical females together for dinner.

How did you meet all the girls?
Let’s see: Well, Edrina and I are on the same record label and we clicked immediately. We hang out pretty often and go on walks and chat about music and stuff. We met a record label party that I was DJing at. I was already a fan of  her work—she was only 21 or 22 and had already put out a full length  experimental hip hop album. She had this rare sense of authenticity. It’s sad that you don’t usually find it often, especially among women. I think women can be so catty with each other and competitive, but with Edrina, and actually with all of these girls, I felt a nice sense of support. So we became friends right away. We’ll do dinner, or we’ll usually get a cup of tea and go for a walk at the Silverlake Reservoir.


And Kish? We met back in New York, when we were both working with the same artist. I met her at a really interesting time in her musical career because it was right when it had started and she was still in college. I’ve been able to see her grow as an artist and she’s still growing. She’s just moved to LA so I thought it would be nice to introduce her to some other DJs and musicians here.

Can you describe her sound for those who don’t know her?
I’ve always described her as the Corinne Bailey Rae of rap—because she’s so enchanting. I don’t really know how to classify her! I remember one of her first shows at Santos Party House—she was so raw and totally enchanting. She has a beautiful presence.

Erin & Anna

And tell us a little about Anna:
She’s a friend of my boyfriend, I think they’ve done a track together—we just hit it off. I think all of the girls share a really nice, very laid-back attitude and are very positive. They are these elegantly powerful women… if that makes sense! Anna moved to LA from Australia a year and a half ago. I love what she’s doing: she’s been DJing for 10 years—she just finished touring with The Weeknd. Anna has been able to cross genres and produce. I really admire women who are producing their own music. She’s a one-stop shop where she can produce, put vocals on her tracks, and then DJ them out. She too has an incredible stage presence.


OK, over to the guys.
Anna brought her husband, Kish brought her boyfriend, and my boyfriend was there, and then his friend Erin Garcia. He’s a really awesome musician from the South, turned painter in Los Angeles.

How did you meet your boo?
It was while I was still in New York, he was visiting from LA to open for Bloc Party and we met at a bar in Brooklyn. Actually, this dinner is a great reflection of our relationship—all food, music, and friends. We share a huge bond over food, and cooking, and going out to eat, and traveling, in addition to music. He’s a DJ and a producer, who also does a podcast called Tall Tales, which he does from our kitchen table.


And the others?
I recently met Phil, Kish’s boyfriend. I don’t know him super well yet, but he’s really cool! Marc is a very silly goofy guy. He runs a design agency in Australia.

And then the last guy is Erin Garcia. How did you guys meet?
Oh God, I don’t even know how to describe his art, you’d have to check his Instagram. He’s been commissioned by the Ace Hotel and recently Pepsi. He’s in Basel this week so keep an eye out for him!

I think I just heard a knock at the door! Sounds like everyone is arriving! Let’s do this!

Photography by Lani Trock.

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