Ask #Male Monday: Spilled Candle Wax Solutions with Dan

The snow is falling, the champagne is poppin' & Dan is here with an SS-tip off! Praise be to Male Monday!

Ask #MaleMonday, our weekly video series that answers all of your holiday dilemmas, episode four is here! Yep, we’ve heard your cries for help and have come to the rescue with a range of tips, tricks, and how-tos, brought to you by some very special Male Monday men! Sign up to our newesletter to never miss a minute of all the delicious action!

In a month filled with candle-lit dinner parties a little candle wax is bound to get spilled. In this moment, everybody around the table always freezes, confused on what to do next: Do we mop it up? Do we start scraping it off whatever surface it’s spreading over like molten lava? Freak out! Hey, hey, calm down and listen to Dan.

Cheers, Dan! xx

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